Brain Implant Tech, A Transforming UAV & A Third Hand For Soldiers: March's Industrial Innovations

What’s new in the industrial marketplace? Our friends at Industrial Equipment News created a roundup of their favorite product developments this past month.

Here are some of their favorite products: 

Brain Implant Technology Is In The Works 

Elon Musk wants to invade our brains with his latest venture, Neuralink. The technology is focused on linking brains to computers to treat neural disorders. The company will also attempt to help the human race keep up with super intelligent computers in the future. Similar projects have been created in the past, including robotic arms that are controlled through the mind and a brain machine interface that controls the movements of a lower-limb robotic exoskeleton. 

A UAV That Transfigures Mid-Flight 

A hybrid vertical takeoff and landing UAV called the U-Lion has been designed by PhD students and the National University of Singapore. This UAV takes off and lands like a helicopter, but it transitions in mid-air to fly like a normal airplane. The U-Lion is able to reconfigure its wings and vectoring thrust to adopt to its flight mission, allowing it to fly much longer than typical UAVs.

The U.S. Army Creates A Third Arm For Soldiers 

The Army Research Lab is currently testing a new weapon mount that will carry soldiers' weapons and act as a third arm to free up their hands in combat. The mount is made out of carbon fiber composite and is currently being tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

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