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Researchers Find A Way To 3D Print Organs To Save Lives

Organ transplant waiting lists are known to be very long. It can take anywhere from three to five years before an organ is even available. Fortunately, this might all change with the help of 3D printing.According to Fast Company, the bioengineers from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are developing a system for 3D printing tissues and organs that could be used for transplants. This medical advancement will hopefully solve the tissue and organ shortage that currently causes one patient to die every 30 seconds.

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Video: Snakebots Could Be The Key To Safer Surgeries

The concept of snakebots is not new. These modular robots, which are comprised of connected-but-independent parts, are able to manipulate their shape according to their surroundings. This is extremely helpful for projects that require a closer view of areas that may be difficult to access or dangerous to enter. But Nabil Simaan, Vanderbilt University bioengineering professor, now wants to use the technology to make surgeries safer.

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