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Three Logistics Lessons Black Friday Can Teach Manufacturers And The Supply Chain

The shopping frenzy known as Black Friday is almost here, and while you will probably see lots of stories about long lines and huge crowds tussling over the latest toys, there is another story taking place behind the scenes – one of careful planning, lots of moving parts and plenty of risk. It’s a story of logistics.

The fact is that Black Friday is one of the biggest logistical challenges for retailers and their supply chains. Many companies spend all year analyzing data and building inventories to prepare for the holiday rush. And the stakes are incredibly high –  one mishap can throw off a company’s entire supply chain, leading to a major loss in sales for the day and the rest of the year.

While most B2B manufacturers, industrial companies and procurement teams aren’t directly impacted by Black Friday, there are certainly lessons to be learned from the retail world that can help improve efficiency, reduce risks and optimize their supply chains. Here are three of them:

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I Think E-Commerce Is A No-Brainer, But Not Everyone Agrees.

These days, most of the items my family purchases are delivered to our doorstep. It’s simply become an easier way to keep us flush with household products, as two working parents juggling free time against patience (or impatience) with the in-store experience.

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