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Brain Implant Tech, A Transforming UAV & A Third Hand For Soldiers: March's Industrial Innovations

What’s new in the industrial marketplace? Our friends at Industrial Equipment News created a roundup of their favorite product developments this past month.

Here are some of their favorite products: 

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Video: The Star Wars Fighter Jet Comes To Life

One of the coolest and most iconic vehicles from the Star Wars universe has come to life thanks Gerlinger Steel & Supply, a Northern California company. They just built a life-sized version of the TIE fighter, the symbol of the imperial fleet in the original trilogy. 

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Video: Electric Motorcycles Are Hitting The Road

Electric cars are more popular than ever and now, with the help from the motorcycle maker Polaris, electric motorcycles will be hitting the road, too. Polaris recently announced the revitalization of their legendary Indian brand with an electric bike set for production in 2020. 

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Video: Flying Taxis Will Take To The Skies This Summer

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... a flying taxi? If you are in Dubai this summer, there's a chance you may see one in flight.

Flying cars have been on the minds of researchers and engineers for years as a means of alleviating traffic and congestion in cities. Recently, Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency brought that concept one step closer to reality. The agency announced that, starting July 2017, the Ehang 184 drone will be able to carry people and fly them to their destinations. 

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Video: The U.S. Army Looks To SIG Sauer For Modular Weaponry

As the U.S. Army looks for more customizable weaponry, they have turned to firearms manufacturer SIG Sauer for modular guns. These P320/M17 guns will be tailor-made for each soldier, with only the trigger as the uniform part of the gun. All other parts can be customized, allowing soldiers to choose different pistol grip sizes, longer or shorter barrels, type of ammunition and location of the safety. 

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Video: The Latest Engineering Innovations From January 2017

New products are being created every day, so what’s new in the marketplace? Our friends at Industrial Equipment News created a roundup of their favorite product developments so far in 2017.

Here are some of the products that topped the list: 

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Video: Beer Pipeline Is A Sight To Behold In Bruges

The Belgian city of Bruges is well known for its historical sites, such as Belfry & Halle, Basilica of the Holy Blood and Markt. But beneath the city's cobblestone streets lies a spectacle that not too many tourists know about  a beer pipeline that stretches two miles long. 

De Halve Maan, or The Half Moon Brewery, created this pipeline to connect its historic 453-year old building to its modern-day bottling plant. With the help from experts in the oil and gas industry, the pipeline transports 1,000 gallons of beer (the equivalent of 12,000 bottles) every hour.

Want to learn the backstory of this beer behemoth? Our friends at Industrial Equipment News have the details. 

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Video: Saving Satellites And Spaceships From Space Junk

Ever since humans began exploring space, they've been leaving things behind. This includes the estimated half-million pieces of space junk that are currently being tracked by space programs around the world.

We know that space junk is an issue that's on the radar of NASA and other agencies. But now, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has designed an electrodynamic tether (EDT) to clean up the mess. 

The tether is a 2,300’ line that will use its own electric current and Earth’s magnetic field to detect debris, slow it down, drop the junk into a lower orbit, and then redirect it towards a harmless demise via re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

Want to learn more about the EDT? Our friends at Industrial Equipment News have the details. 

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Video: Top 10 New Fabricating Technologies - Part 2

Our friends at Industrial Equipment News had a blast at Fabtech, the annual manufacturing conference focused on metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing.

We covered some of the technologies that they saw at the conference here. Now discover the other five tech trends that topped their list.  

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