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Choosing A Marketing Automation Platform: 3 Key Differences Between HubSpot & Pardot

Similar to how automation technology has helped to increase efficiency on shop floors, the same can be said within the world of marketing.

Marketing automation technologies help companies generate, educate, and re-engage leads by setting up a system that runs with customized rules, programs, and scoring systems.

As a digital marketing strategist, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of marketing automation platforms, and I’ve seen advantages and disadvantages in each. There are dozens — maybe hundreds — of tools available, but since HubSpot and Pardot are the most prevalant in the manufacturing space, wanted to offer up an analysis to help you decide what's best for your business.

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The Top Tactical Takeaways for Marketers from INBOUND 2015

HubSpot’s highly successful INBOUND 2015 event may have ended a week ago, but there were simply too many informative nuggets to include in one blog post. So, we’ve gathered together some of the top tactical action items that you can apply to your marketing strategy today.

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HubSpot Announces New Free CRM Software

Psst! Hey! Yeah you. When was the last time the marketing department got a high five for saving the company money? Doesn’t happen, right? Well that just changed. Prepare yourself for a possible parade in your name put on by the accounting department and the VP of Sales, because you are about to deliver a brand new CRM system to them for free.

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6 Reasons B2B Marketing is Easier Than Ever Today

Just last week, we talked about all the time, effort, and patience required to implement an effective marketing plan. Yes, it's still true. In many ways, though, B2B companies have it easier than ever – from planning through execution of a program and beyond. The tools and tactics available today offer an unprecedented opportunity to power your business growth – let's look at some. 

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