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Industrial marketing and manufacturing sales tips to help you grow your business.

4 Ways Industrial Marketers Short Circuit Their ROI

Why do some industrial suppliers swear by online marketing, while others swear at it?

In many cases, industrial/B2B marketers that see a strong ROI (return on investment) from their online efforts simply have a clearer understanding of what it looks like, and a better idea of how, when, and where to look for it. In our 20+ years of helping suppliers use the internet to meet their business goals, we’ve seen 4 specific ways that many businesses short circuit their own ability to achieve and measure online success. Read on, and see if you’re making any of the 4 common missteps we outline on the following pages.

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The ROI Of Inbound Marketing

As the digital world reshapes the industrial world, marketing budgets are on the rise. According to ENGINEERING.com's annual survey of engineering marketers, twice as many respondents reported that their budgets were growing rather than shrinking in 2017.

As industrial marketing budgets continue to rise, more funds are being allocated to the creation of content — in the form of blogs, eBooks, email campaigns, videos, webinars, infographics, and so on — as good content is at the core of any successful inbound marketing program

Like with any investment, the marketers and manufacturing companies that are making them want to ensure that they are receiving a positive return. We’ve outlined two major areas of return on investment (ROI) that illustrate the effectiveness of inbound marketing. 

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An Investment In Marketing Is An Investment For Your Whole Business

Producing results without the right resources is a huge challenge, especially when you’re under extreme pressure to do so. When budgets get tight, it’s even more important to be able to prove your worth.

Luckily for industrial marketers, when it comes time for budget evaluations, we can produce quantifiable results demonstrating the value of our efforts. In fact, a 2017 ENGINEERING.com market research report found a direct connection between digital marketing investment and company revenue. As a result, the majority of respondents reported being rewarded with a boost in resources.

If you find that your marketing team is still fighting for funding, here are a few things you can take to your department heads to make the business case for it.

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Dial Into Your Phone Calls When Measuring Industrial Marketing ROI

When it comes to measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing activities, it’s essential that you’re actually measuring all of it. Thanks to the increasing prevalence of digital marketing, most marketers look at things like clicks, open rates and conversions. But if you’re like many industrial suppliers, you could be overlooking an essential piece of the marketing metrics puzzle – phone inquiries.

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3 Ways To Cut Through The Marketing ROI Clutter

When it comes to measuring marketing ROI, there’s no shortage of data available. In fact, over the last five years, more than 3,600 martech vendors have entered the industry, giving business owners and marketing teams the ability to track every move their customers make, from opening emails to viewing pages to commenting on social media.

As a result, companies are armed with more data than ever before. Unfortunately, however, there’s so much information available that it can be easy to lose focus on the marketing metrics that really matter to your company. To help keep you from falling down the data rabbit hole, here are three things you can do to cut through the clutter:  

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Everything You Need to Know About the Value of Inbound Marketing

If you’ve been dragging your heels on implementing a robust, inbound marketing strategy, now’s the time to reevaluate your options.

Whereas traditional marketing has you actively seeking out the attention of buyers, inbound marketing has your target audience coming straight to you.

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Pitching Inbound Marketing to the C-Suite: A Guide for Industrial Marketers

In the wonderful world of inbound marketing, as a CMO you can see that the value of this process speaks for itself. The CFO, on the other hand, isn’t quite sold…yet. She wants data and hard numbers to support the investment. In the creative space, this can be a challenge. You know the worth of this product, it’s just difficult to articulate in concrete terms. It’s like the two of you speak a different language. So, what should you do?

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Inbound Marketing Case Study: How One Manufacturer Increased Leads by 285%

If you were to ask any business leader what their main goals for their company are, a majority would focus on increasing sales and leads. In fact, even if they mentioned other goals, such as improving website performance and SEO, or redesigning a website for better user experience – the main objective behind these actions is to get more people onto the site, ideally leading to more sales.

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4 Ways You Can Flush Your ROI Down the Toilet

You can just hear the sound in your head as your marketing budget circles the drain, never coming back, with nothing to show for it. It’s the scenario you may find yourself in if you’re not thinking about return on investment (ROI) when you plan a marketing program. ROI is a few things: it’s a measure of how effective your marketing is, how efficient it is, and how productive it is. But it really boils down to one yes-or-no, bottom line question: Was it worth it?

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.