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How to Specifically Target Business Customers with Pay Per Click

One of the main challenges of managing SEM for B2B companies in particular is targeting business customers when there is a large volume of consumer or retail traffic searching similar keywords. You can end up squandering your budget on the wrong type of traffic, inundating your sales team with low quality leads, and destroying your account's Quality Score.

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How Industrial Businesses Can Reach New Market Segments

Too many stories in the media today point to changing conditions in China as the key reasons for the resurgence of manufacturing in America. A recent report from Thomas Industrial Network finds that many industrial businesses in the U.S. are actually taking active steps and investing in strategies to help them grow and expand. The report states that 58% of product and custom manufacturers are more aggressively pursuing business in new industries, while 66% are investing in new and/or innovative products or services.

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