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Top 3 U.S. Manufacturing Challenges (and Opportunities) in 2016

Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s an age old question, and there’s no right answer; it’s all about perspective. 

How about this question: Does the U.S. manufacturing industry have challenges or opportunities? Once again, there’s no right answer; it’s all about perspective.

American manufacturing stands at a critical point in its long history — and how industry leaders view the changing landscape will influence its future. As technology, demographics, and economic climate shift, manufacturers must innovate in order to stay competitive. Manufacturing in particular is positioned for domestic growth and, more than ever, industry leaders must guide their organizations strategically. 

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What's Driving Manufacturing Growth?

ThomasNet’s latest Industry Market Barometer® survey of North American manufacturers highlights the growth of the industry: manufacturers are continuing to experience an upward trajectory, with more companies expanding, hiring, adding new product lines or services, and investing in future growth. Nearly eight out of ten (76%) manufacturers surveyed are now selling overseas, and the bulk of respondents are increasing production capacity, optimizing existing operations, and upgrading facilities in preparation for what’s to come.

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