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BIM Vs. CAD Files: What's The Difference?

What's the difference between CAD and BIM? Our team hears that question a lot, and we've found that many people mistake a BIM file as simply a 3D CAD file.

However, BIM files and CAD files serve unique industries and involve different software tools. BIM (Building Information Modeling) has significantly changed the way the construction community designs, documents and builds a commercial building. It is not just a 3D CAD file, as the information in a BIM file includes key performance characteristics, specifications and connections that are important to building design and construction.

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Is Your Marketing Strategy Stuck In The Past?

There are lots of things that get better with age — wine, cheese, how you look in a monocle, etc. Unfortunately, your marketing strategy is not one of these things. On the contrary, unless you are constantly refreshing your approach and pursuing new tactics, you risk losing out on potential revenue and falling behind the competition.

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Industrial Marketing Lead Generation
Marketing Strategy

Don’t Leave Your Leads To Luck

We can all use a little bit of luck. Unfortunately, many industrial marketers seem to rely on it a little bit too much.

Instead of taking the time to implement a comprehensive, forward-thinking marketing strategy, they expect industrial buyers to find them. It just doesn’t work that way.

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