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New and Noteworthy Categories on for August 2021

As our infrastructure bill deep dive shows, the Senate’s infrastructure bill detailed the budgets for several segments of infrastructure, including $55 billion to maintain and improve drinking water in America. Appropriately, among the featured categories for this month are businesses that provide services and products for water systems. Here are our newest categories to increase your success in sourcing for what you need.

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b2b buying process
Business Tips

Get Selected In The B2B Buying Process: 26 Items To Check Off

As you know, industrial/B2B buyers and procurement managers looking to establish a long-term relationship with your business may vet you quite thoroughly. 

And today, they prefer to evaluate suppliers anonymously online, then create a shortlist of potential partners before contacting you for further vetting. 

Are you losing out to potential new customers? Here's how you can make sure your online presence doesn’t have any holes that leave you short of gaining new business.

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how to find more manufacturing customers
Marketing Strategy

How To Find Customers For Your Manufacturing Business

While some manufacturing businesses are opening additional facilities or focused on the production of different products, other companies are simply trying to expand their customer base. Industrial businesses looking to reach new target markets or promote new product/service offerings will need an effective online marketing and sales strategy to help them achieve their business goals. That's because the B2B buyer behavior has changed — 73% of millennials are involved in B2B purchasing decisions and use the internet to search for new suppliers and partners.

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