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Tips To Become A Top Supplier

Most of us know that supplying a quality product or service on time, and at a fair price, is critical to achieving customer satisfaction. But what if you're not the only one that can do this for your customer?

Become your customer's first choice for their next order and rank as a top supplier with these tips.

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Social Media

Social Media Definitions For Manufacturers

For today’s industrial marketers, content is critical — but it’s not enough to simply publish a blog post. Once a piece is written, you need to help it reach as many people as possible. One of the easiest and most effective ways to amplify distribution is through your company’s social media channels.

Whether you’ve already hammered out a sophisticated social strategy or you’re just getting started, this glossary of social media terms will provide the keys to optimizing these channels.

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How To Find Veteran-Owned Suppliers on

Whether you're in need of new blood in your supply chain or trying to build up your list of diversity suppliers, Thomas can help save you time and hassle in sourcing exactly what you need. offers detailed information on North American companies in over 70,000 categories of products and services, not to mention our CAD file library, whitepapers, and guides. In this article we're here to show you how to make the most of's features by covering the basics of finding and sourcing from the 6,300+ veteran-owned companies on our platform.

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Supply Chain

How To Successfully Make A Career Change Into Supply Chain

Deciding what you want to do with your life can be overwhelming, especially when that decision is made early in your career. In fact, an astounding majority of people don’t find their calling right away and trends are showing people are no longer working for one company their whole career — the average person changes jobs an average of 12 times during his or her career. 

But making that switch can be daunting and confusing. There are so many options, and the wrong move can set you back in your career and in your finances.

However, switching to supply chain can be a great option. The field is broad enough to be a fit for people with a variety of technical and soft skills. It's also a growing industry, with millions of new employees being added to the workforce.   

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Business Tips

Why Brand Marketing For Manufacturers Is Important

When it comes to branding, the major players probably come to mind first — Amazon, Coca-Cola®, Disney, and so on. The strength of their name recognition is immense. When these names come up, you immediately see their logo, and even if the logo doesn’t bully its way into your brain, you at least know what they’re selling. It doesn’t matter whether you consume their products or not; you know them. They’ve seared your mind with a branding iron. (See what we did there?)

Many manufacturing and industrial companies, however, don't think that they need to worry about branding. They prefer to rely on word of mouth and referrals to attract new business, and they feel that branding isn't important in their space. 

But there's a better way to grow your business.

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Aerospace and Defense

How To Become A Defense Supplier

Did you know that the Department of Defense (DoD) spends more than 60 percent of the federal procurement budget eligible for small businesses? In fiscal year 2017, DoD awarded more than $60 billion in prime contracts to small businesses.

According to Deloitte last year in the defense sector, heightened global tensions and geopolitical risks, recovery in the US defense budget, and higher defense spending by other major regional powers such as China, India, and Japan were expected to drive global defense sector growth into 2019 and beyond. Continued military spending growth is a sign for suppliers to secure ongoing business and tap into new market opportunities. 

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Supply Chain

6 Strategies To Help You Overcome Supply Chain Disruption

Your supply chain is delicate. If just one link in the chain is disrupted, it can have a significant impact on multiple aspects of your business. So what steps can you take to maintain business continuity and minimize the impact of unforeseen disruptions?

While there's no single answer to truly prevent supplier disruption, the key is is to not be caught by surprise and minimize its impact. Strengthen your logistics operations and be prepared with these ways.

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