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How To Expand Your Manufacturing Business Into New Markets

American manufacturing is on the upswing. Hiring activity is  at historic highsreshoring is bringing production back to the U.S., and buyers are spending more on new suppliers than they have in recent years.

Business owners continue to be cautious with investments and costs, with good reason. Even as manufacturing and the economy as a whole make gains, the memory of tougher times looms. Fortunately, the digital marketing landscape today allows you to take substantial steps to grow your business and expand into new markets. 

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Top Suppliers on for October 2019

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New Suppliers on for October 2019

At Thomas, we see the landscape of industry changing across North America, with new companies popping up all across the United States and Canada. Every month, our 20+ supplier content team of experts continually adds information on new and changing companies to our database of 500,000+ detailed profiles of North American suppliers to help you easily find the suppliers you need. This is in addition to our database of free CAD files, whitepapers, industrial ebooks and guides, such as our information on the top suppliers of each field. In this peek behind the curtain at Thomas, we've gathered together information on some of the most interesting new suppliers across the platform who have been added over the last month. 

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Grow Room Equipment and Supplies
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New and Noteworthy Categories on for October 2019

For the past 120 years, we at Thomas have been helping industry in North America grow. And we grow along with industry. Our expert taxonomy team identifies industry trends and the needs of buyers like you to add new sourcing categories every month to our growing collection of over 70,000 products and services. If you're interested in a peek behind the scenes of how Thomasnet works, we've got the rundown on 14 of our newest and most interesting categories, from soft robotics to biogas. 

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Top 10 Veteran-Owned Suppliers on

Are you looking for more veteran-owned businesses to add to your supply chain? If you are, you're not alone. With detailed information on over 6,300 veteran-owned businesses across our platform of North American suppliers, we see a lot of traffic going to these businesses behind the scenes. We've already covered the list of the top suppliers across all of our 70,000+ categories, but for this post, we're focusing in on the 10 most popular veteran-owned suppliers from across, as measured by engagement metrics over the past month. 

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A Veterans Manufacturing Story
Manufacturing and Industrial

A Veteran's Manufacturing Story

There are an estimated 230,000-245,000 enlisted service members who separate from the military each year. 

More than 70 years ago, Richard McCarthy was in the middle of such a transition. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, the 21-year-old veteran headed back home to Pennsylvania, eager to start the next phase of his life. He not only did that; he started a career, a business, and a legacy for his family.  

Here is his story.

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Website Design

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Your website is your biggest marketing asset and is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities. It is often the first place people go when looking for more information on your products or services so it should be where all of your marketing efforts should be driven to.

But traditional web design can be a daunting endeavor; in fact, many industrial companies opt not to upgrade their websites at all because of its complexity.

Thankfully, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is the answer to traditional web design woes and has significantly changed the website design landscape, allowing for intuitive, efficient design that even novices can navigate with ease and increase conversions.

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What's The Problem With Volume Commitments?

You just signed a contract that you feel will produce significant savings for your organization through category-level discounts.

Across the table is a supplier who is excited about guaranteeing increased spend. It sounds like a win-win. However, there’s a catch – the contract includes a volume commitment – and it could potentially damage your relationship between you and your supplier irrevocably.

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Beautiful woman reviewing her lesson with her laptop and book
Supply Chain

7 Online Programs For Supply Chain Management And Manufacturers

The manufacturing and supply-chain industry has been going through a transformation, with concepts like IoT, additive manufacturing, and e-commerce quickly advancing the industry. With these new technologies come new skills that manufacturers and supply chain professionals need to learn.

Fortunately, many manufacturers and supply chain professionals can refresh their skill set from the convenience of their own homes with online courses. Whatever your career goals are, there are online course options to help you along your career path.

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