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Data Syndication

4 Important Functions Of An Online Catalog

More than 70% of today's B2B buyers are tech-savvy millennials. They prefer to research on their own about your company to see if you would be a good fit for their projects. So if you're selling industrial products or components and don't have an online product catalog, they might turn to a competitor. The good news is that there are many technology platforms that can provide you with the functionality B2B buyers expect your website to have.

There are a few features to look for in a platform that should be your non-negotiables to deliver the best digital customer experience possible to your customers and prospects. Let's review those four important functions that you’ll want to see in action when it comes time to choosing your dynamic online catalog platform.

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Lead Generation

Why Your BIM Models Could Be Losing You Specs...

Low-quality BIM models are causing manufacturers to lose out on project opportunities on a regular basis...

Every day, engineers are actively searching for BIM files to put into their projects as they work to determine which building products will meet their design and performance needs. These engineers rely on complete and accurate BIM models to help them build out systems that can be validated and tested inside of their virtual building model.

Getting your BIM files added to one of these virtual models can mean the difference between making it into the schedule or losing out, so it’s critical that your BIM files are not only dimensionally accurate but also have the connectors and characteristics to ensure that specs are correct. If your BIM models do not include the necessary data to help engineers complete their validations, they can quickly become a liability and can begin losing you specs from important building projects.

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Google Algorithm Changes

How Manufacturers Can Maintain Healthy Website Traffic Following Google's New Algorithm Changes

Recently, Google updated the factors it reviews when determining which websites show up first when buyers search the web for their desired products or services. This means that manufacturers, like all other businesses, could see their rankings change relative to those of their competitors. It is especially critical for marketing leaders to address these changes now as a recent HubSpot report shows that traffic in the manufacturing space has recently dipped 7.2% due in part to greater market influences.

To help you understand and address these changes to maintain or improve your search rankings in Google’s search results, let’s take a look at a few of the finer details around this change.

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manufacturing responsive website
Website Design

Do Manufacturers Need A Responsive Website In 2021?

Do you still have the same phone you carried around when you launched your current website? You most likely don't. Why? Because technology changes daily. If you still had an iPhone 4 it wouldn’t be able to run any apps, the screen would be cracked, the battery wouldn’t charge and no one would fix it for you because it was discontinued in 2013. 

Your current website is just like that old phone. Yes, you can still own it, but it won’t function in a way that helps you get the job done. Coding best practices have changed drastically since you last updated your site. The outdated design and technical architecture of your website may be negatively impacting your business.

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News Highlight

New Suppliers on for July 2021

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on global supply chains, inadvertently pushing North American businesses towards reshoring. Our 2021 State of North American Manufacturing Annual Report estimates that reshoring could generate as much as $443 billion for the economy over the next year, with over $204 billion in sourcing requests placed through our website in the last twelve months alone. Helping companies find the suppliers they are looking for, regardless of the industry or the niche, is our goal. Here are our featured suppliers for July 2021.

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testing medical device manufacturing
Manufacturing and Industrial

Challenges And Opportunities In Medical Device Manufacturing

Encompassing items as simple as bandages all the way through to ultra-high-tech pacemakers, the U.S. medical device market is one of the largest in the world. Forbes called it a “disruptive” market of $410 billion through 2023. Today, “disruptive” is an appropriate word. 

More than a decade ago, the medical device manufacturing industry saw an increasing emphasis on design and simplicity, driven by software and technologies. And innovation contributed to a shift in power from the pharmaceutical to the medical device industry. These days, there is still a high demand for technological, intuitive devices — with a faster time-to-market than ever before. Hospitals, medical facilities, and other markets are pressuring medical device manufacturers to be more secure, innovative, cost-effective, and efficient. What are some challenges and opportunities for manufacturers in the medical device industry?

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