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OEM Website Design Examples
Website Design

OEM Website Design Examples & Tips To Help Increase Leads

The best and most successful salespeople today are those that go far beyond a good pitch. They are the ones that know their market and their products inside and out. More importantly, they speak to a customer's main question: "What's in it for me?" Many times, though, your website is the first "salesperson" a potential customer will encounter. Is your website built to grow qualified website traffic and leads? Whether you serve as a resource to distributors or sell products directly to the end-user, your website needs to provide technical information built to convert qualified leads. Below are OEM website examples and tips you can employ to help make your website a highly effective 24-7 sales channel.

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Increase clicks on manufacturing website
Website Design

How To Increase Clicks To Your Manufacturing Website

It’s no secret that your website is the most important aspect of your lead generation strategy. But are you taking the time to continually optimize its pages and features?

Studies show that we have less than 15 seconds to make a good first impression with our website visitors.

If your website’s headline, call-to-action, or even its color scheme doesn’t hit all the right notes, your prospects will simply find a company whose brand better resonates with them — which, unfortunately, could be your competitor’s. While you may rely on your products or services to close the sale, your website design should leads prospects to the beginning of that sales journey. 

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quality industrial website traffic
Lead Generation

Why Is Website Quality More Important Than Quantity For Industrial Website Traffic?

Many companies get fooled by statistics showing heavy site traffic and essentially disregard how qualified — or unqualified — those visitors actually are.

SEO and PPC tactics can be extremely effective in getting the right people to your website, but you also need to have some metrics in place to discern how many of your visitors are serious buyers and how many are merely tire kickers.

Below are a few key reasons why it's more important to focus on quality than quantity for your industrial website traffic.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Thomas Factory Tours: Industrial Video Production Examples for Custom Manufacturers and OEMs

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News Highlight

New and Noteworthy Categories on for September 2021

One of our latest Thomas Index Reports takes a look at the digital transformation of the farming industry. This transformation is achieved with technologies including Artificial Intelligence, one form of which is machine learning software, a featured category this month. Whether you're looking to find more intriguing products changing industry like AI or just need the basic stuff your company runs on, our 13 favorite new categories below can help you find what you need.

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digital customer experience for manufacturers
Business Tips

Digital Customer Experience Trends Manufacturing Leaders Are Embracing In 2021

Engineers, procurement managers, and MROs face many challenges in their jobs. Navigating a supplier’s website to find the information or support they need to make a purchase decision shouldn’t be one of them. These B2B buyers have become used to excellent digital experiences from the brands they engage within their personal lives, and they are bringing those exact expectations to the workplace as they evaluate potential suppliers for their companies.

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increase manufacturing sales shop

7 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Manufacturing Business This Year

Looking to increase your sales? Although successful, well-executed B2B marketing strategies take time to build and require ongoing, consistent effort, there are some things you can do today to help drive sales for your manufacturing company this year.

In combination with a long-term marketing strategy, these quick tips can go a long way in getting new leads and increasing sales for your manufacturing business.

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