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Social Media

How To Not Be Annoying On LinkedIn

In the ever-changing social media landscape, LinkedIn has proven to be a trusted resource for professionals in every industry. As such, it can be a great tool for networking, keeping in touch with old colleagues, recruiting new employees, finding job opportunities, and showcasing your professional knowledge and experience, particularly for those working in industrial marketing.

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Email Marketing

Best Practices for Steering Clear of Spam Filters

Email filters represent one of the biggest challenges faced by email marketing campaigns today. Every email sent undergoes a multitude of filtering processes, each one making it increasingly likely that your email will not reach its intended target. To make your email campaign more successful, it’s important to understand how spam filters work and how you can work with them to ensure your message gets to where it needs to be.

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Manufacturing Cyberattacks
Business Tips

The 5 Big Cybersecurity Risks Faced By Small Businesses

Over the past few years, some of the biggest brands in the world — Facebook, eBay, Target, Equifax, and many others — have become the victims of highly publicized, and extremely costly, cyberattacks. While these brazen attacks on big businesses garner a lot of media attention, the truth is that small- and medium-sized businesses are actually the biggest victims of cybercrimes and data breaches.

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Southeast U.S. Industrial Buying Trends

If you are a manufacturer or industrial supplier that serves the Southeastern United States, wouldn't it be great to know what buyers in your region are looking for? This way, instead of anticipating their needs, you can be meeting their needs — and winning their business.

Thomas recently examined buyer behavior data generated on to uncover supply chain trends in Southeast U.S. If you provide industrial products or services in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee, this information could prove pivotal in connecting with more buyers. 

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Inbound Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Marketing Strategy

Stop Interrupting And Start Selling

Industrial marketing and advertising have a come long way over the years. In the past, buyers were relatively uninformed about their options; they simply didn’t have access to the wealth of information they do now. They couldn’t turn to Google for company reviews and testimonials, and they couldn’t access company websites for easy comparison, quote requests, and general industry information.

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