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CAD model lead generation
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5 Steps To Get High-Quality Leads With CAD Assets

If you're keeping up with the latest manufacturing lead generation strategies, you may have already heard that up to 88% of businesses ultimately buy the part after downloading a CAD model. CAD files are proven to generate high-quality sales leads. But are you fully embracing them as a marketing asset or are you only sending them by request from sales? Not sure? Let's walk through the basic model of using CAD files for high-quality lead generation. 

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News Highlight

New and Noteworthy Categories on for May 2020

In addition to the launch of our continuously updated and vetted COVID-19 Response System (which your company can apply to join here), and our new COVID-19 Partnership Program, we managed to add over 100 new categories during the past month. Many categories are for products and services that have gained sudden prominence during the pandemic. Others, like social distancing decals, are products that were invented specifically in response to it. We cover thirteen of our most recent categories below to help you source more effectively.

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marketing automation platform
Marketing Strategy

Choosing A B2B Marketing Automation Platform: HubSpot Vs. Pardot

To stay ahead in today’s increasingly competitive B2B marketing landscape, automation is vital. Marketing automation software allows companies to automate various marketing tasks, such as emailing specific contacts or posting on social media.

Not only is this great for eliminating the boredom factor (no more repetitive emailing jobs that leave you blurry-eyed and dazed), it’s also great for creating a more dynamic, multichannel marketing strategy. And through automated tracking and data collection, companies gain better insight into prospects, enabling them to fine-tune their offerings as needed in order to reach valuable leads.

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Big corporation building choose new vendors and suppliers

How Big Companies Choose New Suppliers

Are you looking to land one of the big customer? Becoming an approved supplier for a large global company can change your business forever. But landing a big customer takes far more than a hello and a handshake. We recently reviewed the supplier discovery process of a leading Fortune 500 company, and here’s what we learned:

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Online search engine - SEO questions

Top SEO Questions Manufacturers & Industrials Ask

Recently, we hosted a webinar SEO 101 for Manufacturers: Targeting The Right Google Traffic. We went back to the basics and discussed the important steps manufacturers should take to get the most out of their website, content marketing, and SEO efforts. Let's take a look at the questions our audience of manufacturers and industrial companies asked at the end of the webinar and how we answered them.

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Multi-generational workforce
Manufacturing and Industrial

Top 4 U.S. Manufacturing Challenges And How To Overcome Them

American manufacturing stands at a critical point in its long history — and how industry leaders view and react to the changing landscape will influence its future. As technology, demographics, and economic climate shift, manufacturers must innovate in order to stay competitive. Manufacturing in particular is positioned for domestic growth and, more than ever, industry leaders must guide their organizations strategically. Let’s take a look at some of the issues facing the industry through the lens of both challenges and opportunities.

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evolution of 3d printing
Manufacturing and Industrial

The Evolution of 3D Printing

From reducing costs to increasing efficiency to spurring innovation, many people are excited about the impact that 3D printing will have on the future of manufacturing. However, the truth is, it already has made a significant impact on the industry.

Take a look back at the evolution of 3D printing to see how the phenomenon started and how it has helped the manufacturing industry evolve.

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COVID-19 Response Suppliers COVID-19 Response:
Can Your Company Help Provide Critical Supplies?

We are using the power of our platform to aid in the mass shortage of critical supplies. If your company can help provide supplies, capabilities, or materials for products such as N-95 Masks and Tyvek SuitsPlease let us know.

COVID-19 Response Suppliers