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Industrial marketing and manufacturing sales tips to help you grow your business.

6 Things NOT To Post On Social Media

The industrial space poses many unique challenges and opportunities for marketers. In manufacturing companies comprising just a handful of employees, there’s often very little time or budget left for a full time social media manager. This leaves us with two options — contracting out social media services to an outside firm or enlisting the help of current employees to take some time out during the day to manage the social media accounts.

In many cases, hiring an industrial social media marketing firm is the right choice. Your employees can focus on their primary responsibilities, and you can rest assured that your social media profiles are being managed by industry pros.

That being said, if hiring a social media service provider just isn’t in the cards, creating a presence on your own is still better than not having one at all. However, always make sure you’re following best practices before diving in head-first.

Having managed social media accounts in the industrial space for a number of years now, I’ve come across many types of content NOT to post. Below, I’ve pulled together a round-up of the top items to avoid.

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The Men Behind The Maps: How Beer Cap Maps Became A Reality

At Thomasnet.com, we love helping to create connections between buyers and suppliers through our supplier discovery platform. A recent connection brought together two engineers in Wisconsin with Jonco Industries, Inc, a full-service industrial supplier.

Together, they created an awesome Made In America product –  The Beer Cap Map – which has  been a huge hit for craft beer lovers and road trippers throughout the country.

We spoke with the men behind the maps to find out how Beer Cap Maps went from an idea to a thriving business thanks to a great partner in Jonco and a little help from Thomasnet.com.

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Industrial Marketing Year In Review

The manufacturing and industrial space is no stranger to change. From the assembly line to automation, there has been an unending wave of innovations that transformed the industry.

Much like the industry itself, industrial marketing has also evolved. Gone are the days of printed fliers and word-of-mouth advertising; now, it’s all about digital marketing — your website, content, emails, and social media.

But the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing is still happening. New trends continue to emerge, and savvy industrial marketers must continue to adapt in order to stay ahead.

Here are the trends that shaped industrial marketing in 2017. Make sure you're all caught up. 

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How To Boost Your Sales And Marketing Efforts In The New Year

The New Year is just around the corner. Business owners and managers should use this time to look back and reflect. Did you meet your goals? Did you try new tactics? Did they work? How can you improve upon existing efforts? 

It’s also time to set new parameters, specifically in regard to marketing and sales. How did you do with finding new business? Were your marketing strategies effective? Did you take advantage of all today’s technology has to offer? Were you afraid to try certain things, or lack the time or motivation to adopt new strategies?

A new year brings a fresh start. Here are some tips to boost your sales and marketing during this next trip around the sun.

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Customer Delight: 3 Ways To Ace The Last Phase Of The Inbound Marketing Funnel

There are four phases of the inbound marketing funnel: education, evaluation, and conversion. What? You say we only listed three? Nice catch. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers don’t even consider this last element and instead spend all their time and energy on the first three phases, only to forget about the fourth. But that fourth phase, customer delight, is perhaps the most important of all.

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Top 6 Benefits Of Local Sourcing

In today's increasingly global business landscape, it's no secret that many manufacturing and industrial businesses maintain supply chains that stretch all over the world.

However, what may be a secret is just how much procurement professionals would prefer to source locally instead.

According to a recent survey conducted by THOMASNET:

  • 72 percent of industrial/B2B buyers "always or generally" prefer to source locally.
  • In comparison, just 10.8 percent of respondents "always or generally" prefer to source globally.
  • In fact, nearly half of buyers (46.7 percent) actually "rarely or never" prefer to source globally at all.

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12 Tips To Begin PPC On The Right Foot

Incredible numbers of businesses, many of them your competitors, continue to pour time and money into paid search. The reason? There is a lot of valuable traffic and new customers to be gained there. But it’s not an easy (or cheap) process—getting a return that justifies the expense takes careful planning and precise execution. Many business owners have a lingering feeling that they should at least be experimenting with paid search but are understandably reluctant begin.

Probably the single most compelling characteristic of paid search is the tremendous amount of data you’re able to collect in order to make decisions and improve the performance of your campaigns. But when you’re just getting started you don’t have any of that data, so starting off on the right foot is challenging. What’s more, it’s in the interest of the search engines to get you to spend as much money as possible right out of the gate so their default settings—and the advice of their representatives—are often at odds with your own goals.

We put together this list of 12 tips that will give you the best chance of starting off on the right foot before you have any data at your fingertips to make increasingly more informed decisions. This guide is intended to be closer to a FAQ than a complete list of all the considerations inherent in launching PPC. That said, we think that if you follow these tips you’ll be off to a great start.

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The 7 Reasons It’s Great To Work In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest and most influential sectors of the United States economy. It also accounts for a similarly large piece of the American workforce — the industry employs 8.7 percent of the country, making it the third-largest industry in terms of jobs.

But what is it like for the millions of people who actually work in the industry? The truth is, it's pretty fantastic. Here are some reasons why:  

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Website Content Creation For Custom Manufacturers

By and large, most custom manufacturing businesses and service providers have an extensive list of their capabilities, services, materials, machines, and certifications. These are the basics that help potential customers understand what you can do for them.

Unfortunately, the basics don't separate you from the competitors and non-competitors in your space. That’s right, we said non-competitors. Remember, your potential customer may see that you do the same type of machining as another company, work with the same materials, have the same machines, and have secured the same certifications — they won't see a difference.

How will they know that your specialty is very small medical parts, with extremely tight tolerances in very large volumes? It is tough for them to make this distinction without talking to you … and odds are you won’t get that chance.

So how do you fix this problem? Through smart content marketing.

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.