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The $4.5 Million Question: Why Do Super Bowl Advertisers Spend So Much?

It’s Super Bowl week, and if you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited for the big game! I’ve already taken a buyer’s-side look at the supply chain for those necessities that the fans at your Super Bowl party can’t do without, from corn chips to foam fingers. As a supplier, there’s plenty of Sunday action for you, too — and not just on the field. Let’s take a look at what those big-deal Super Bowl ads have to offer any sized company trying to grow their business. 

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Why Industrial Businesses Should Outsource Pay-Per-Click

One of the most common forms of search engine marketing (SEM) is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC allows companies to advertise their company, brand and products alongside search engine results. By aligning their ads to specific keywords and phrases, industrial businesses can target companies looking for the products/services they sell. As the name implies, businesses only pay when users click over to their site.

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