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8 Books Every Salesperson Should Read

It doesn’t matter if your sales team is converting leads at a record rate or struggling to meet quotas — there’s always room for improvement. People at every level of your team from directors and managers to consultants and representatives can benefit from new insight and perspective.

There are so many great resources available for sales folks these days: webinars, podcasts, eBooks, white papers, and conferences (click here for those resources!) but I’ve gained so much knowledge by reading plain old books. Take a look at some of my favorites below:  

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Steel roll coil - inbound marketing case study for manufacturer
Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Case Study: How One Manufacturer Increased Leads by 285%

If you were to ask any business leader what their main goals for their company are, the answer would most likely be something along the lines of increasing sales and leads. In fact, even if they mentioned other goals, such as improving website performance and SEO, or redesigning a website for better user experience — the main objective behind these actions is to get more people onto the site, ideally leading to more sales.

For Corrugated Metals, Inc., these were the goals in a nutshell. But as with many companies in the industrial space, carving out time to improve their online footprint was a daunting task. As a roll forming manufacturer creating necessary products for the construction, equipment, transportation, and defense industries, focusing on customer needs usually trumped their own business development.

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Everything You Need to Know About MD&M East

Medical Design & Manufacturing East has been a trusted medical industry expo for more than 30 years, connecting suppliers with buyers and giving attendees the opportunity to bring their medical devices from paper to patent.

With the 2016 trade show just around the corner, here’s everything you need to know before signing up.

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5 Reasons Why a Sales CRM is a Process Game-Changer

If your sales team is still sharing spreadsheets and documents to manage pipelines, monitor leads and drive sales, you might as well be sending up smoke signals across the office.

For years, marketers have been adopting automation tools to tie all of their campaigns and reporting together to better manage and prove ROI — and it’s about time that sales pros did the same.

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STEM Tech, Toys and Tools to Celebrate Engineers Week

I believe in extended celebrations — really, just ask my friends and colleagues who gather for three weekends in a row of birthday celebrations — and when STEM is involved, it’s even better.

So when I heard this week was a celebration of Girl Day (Feb. 26) and Engineers Week (Feb. 22-28), I wanted to do something special. I went a little crazy buying Shawn Fitzgerald’s suggestion of engineering toys for my two nephews in December, so I thought this time around I would do the recommending instead of shopping.

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