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Takeaways from IMPACT Live 2017

The punchline of every presentation at the first annual IMPACT Live, a two-day conference for sales and marketing executives, this week seemed to be "If there's one thing you can takeaway from this to bring back to your own company..." Which, of course, means I have more than 15 "one things" as action items in my brain — in addition to the dozens of ideas I tweeted about and my boss logged in Trello.

But if you're reading this post, you probably weren't there or feeling as inspired as we all are (or maybe you did attend and you want to re-live the magic), and I think it's unfair for me to not share at least some of the knowledge I gained from: networking with 150 marketing, sales and business professionals; listening to presentations from big names such as Marcus Sheridan, Mike Volpe, David Meerman Scott and Mark Roberge; and bouncing ideas off of the Thomas team.

There were plenty of pointers on being genuine in your company and discussions on the importance of taking risks, but if I were to write out all of the takeaways from the event, this blog post would be about 25,000 words. So, I'll keep it short (but you can get a full recap on IMPACT's blog) — here are a few considerations for you:

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5 Supply Management Takeaways from ISM2017

Thousands of global procurement and supply chain professionals gather annually at ISM’s conference “learn, share and network with the best and brightest minds in supply management.”

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A Look at the Top 10 Container Ports in the U.S.


The National Retail Federation predicted that November 2015 had an 8.3% increase in imports year-over-year, as reported by the Journal of Commerce. While the U.S. has been on a bit of a rollercoaster with congestion and hiccups, the industry is faring well overall.

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Meet the Manufacturer Pioneering Sustainability, Green in Industry

Gage employees at the Rainbow Run in downtown Ferndale, Michigan. The company sponsors the event, which helps foster diversity and acceptance in the community, every year.

Many manufacturers are just now jumping on the chance to reduce waste and adopt “green” tendencies, but Gage Products has been doing so for decades.

Sustainability is a key part of Gage’s identity — employees not only develop products with recycling in mind, but they also highly value supporting the local community in Ferndale, Michigan. Not only is the company sponsoring snowmobile challenges and emphasizing fuel recycling, they’re having a lot of success in doing so.

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David Allen of Shell Oil Talks Mentorship, Millennials & Supply Chain

Some of the brightest lights taking the reigns of the industry are already making a name for themselves at some notable companies, but supply chain rockstars don't always get the industry-wide recognition they deserve.

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We're Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2015


Anniversaries are celebrated with jewelry and trips. Holidays are celebrated with family time and meals. Birthdays are celebrated with cake and gifts. So how do we celebrate manufacturing? With open houses, rallies and social media posts, of course.

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3 Factors to Consider When Offshoring Your Supply Chain


In our 2014 Industry Market Barometer survey, 68 percent of manufacturers reported reshoring as an opportunity for additional growth — meaning they’re looking to purchasing pros to keep products “Made in North America.”

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Supporting Women in Manufacturing

A previous WiM Summit keynote speaker, Linda Hubbard, Carhartt president and COO, stands with her fellow team members. This year's summit brings speakers from Lexmark, NASA, Ford Motor Company and more.

There’s an alarmingly low rate of women in manufacturing — 27 percent of the workforce, to be exact. As minorities in a big industry, women have sought out a place to find mentorship, support and networking, and they’ve found it in “Women in Manufacturing.”

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6 Things You Might’ve Missed in Manufacturing This Summer


Over the past few months, relevant news and other industry updates might have slipped by your radar — especially if your business took part in a summer shutdown. A lot can happen in a season, so we wanted to catch you up on what you might’ve missed in industry.

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