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What You Need to Know About Growth-Driven Design

It’s no secret the concept of growth-driven design has been shaking up digital marketing, but specifically in our manufacturing and industrial space, it has been a game-changer.

Luke_Summerfield.jpgEarly adopters have been excited to toss out the rigid, “one and done” process with web design in favor of flexibility, growth and changes based on data and performance.

We discussed the basics and the benefits in a blog titled “What Is Growth-Driven Design?” but thought it’d be good to bring some additional insight. So we thought: Who better to chat with than the person who literally wrote the book on growth-driven design?

Meet Luke Summerfield. He’s HubSpot’s Partner Program Manager and Growth-Driven Design Evangelist, and he’s here to chat about HubSpot principles, web design and his “light bulb” moment.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Supporting Women in Manufacturing

A previous WiM Summit keynote speaker, Linda Hubbard, Carhartt president and COO, stands with her fellow team members. This year's summit brings speakers from Lexmark, NASA, Ford Motor Company and more.

There’s an alarmingly low rate of women in manufacturing — 27 percent of the workforce, to be exact. As minorities in a big industry, women have sought out a place to find mentorship, support and networking, and they’ve found it in “Women in Manufacturing.”

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