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Customer Delight: How To Ace The Last Phase Of Inbound Marketing

Buyers often encounter different challenges every day, and each phase of the buying process has opportunities (using inbound marketing!) for suppliers like you to position yourself as the best partner. 

Inbound marketing is defined as the data-driven approach to marketing that attracts people to your brand, engages them, and converts them to lasting customers. The approach is multi-channel and accounts for where people are, and how they want to interact with you using the main driver of quality content. It allows you to bring visitors into your site through various forms of channels like blogs, email marketing, and social media.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers don’t even consider this last element of inbound marketing after the sale is made. That phase — customer delight — is perhaps one of the most important of all.

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Goal strategy
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Goals Vs. Marketing Strategy

Getting digital marketing right isn’t always easy — especially if that marketing is aimed at the manufacturing and industrial sector, which often involves high-volume, high-cost transactions and very long purchase cycles.

The decision-making process in this field is inherently slow, and oftentimes industrial marketers struggle to connect with their audience in a way that moves them through the buying cycle while providing them with directly useful, engaging content.

It’s never too early to start planning your business goals for next quarter. Setting marketing benchmarks is the only way you’ll be able to achieve scalable growth throughout the next few months and beyond. To help you plan, we've outline the difference between marketing goals and a marketing strategy so you can improve yours and connect with higher-quality prospects.

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Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing and ROI: For Industrial Companies & Manufacturers

As the digital world reshapes the industrial world, marketing budgets are on the rise. According to's annual survey of engineering marketers, twice as many respondents reported that their budgets were growing rather than shrinking in 2017.

Like with any investment, marketers and manufacturing companies want to ensure that they are receiving a positive return. We’ve outlined two major areas of return on investment (ROI) that illustrate the effectiveness of inbound marketing — but first, what exactly is the difference between inbound marketing and traditional marketing?

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G Suite Vs. Microsoft Office
Marketing Strategy

Using Google Docs, Slides, & Sheets For Marketing

Word documents, slide decks, data spreadsheets. What do these things have to do with industrial marketing? You might be surprised.

If you’re in charge of content marketing for your business, chances are you’re writing a lot of the copy in Word documents, presenting your ideas from slide decks, and analyzing data with spreadsheets.

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