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7 Marketing Blogs Worth Your Follow

In the constantly-changing landscape of today’s digital world, it’s important to stay current with industrial marketing trends. Factor in the growing number of marketing agencies, each offering their own (in some cases … questionable) advice, and it gets increasingly difficult to discern the useful marketing guidance from the rest of the distracting industry chatter.

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Florida Industrial/B2B Buying Trends

What are the most in-demand industrial products and services in Florida? What are buyers based in the state looking for when searching for new suppliers? And how do local supply chain trends stack up against buying behavior nationwide?

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Marketing Strategy

Last Call For GDPR Compliance

The May 25 deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is fast approaching. If you offer your products or services in the European Union, or even if you merely possess data on residents from the EU in your contact database, the regulations could impact your business.

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Manufacturing Marketing Mistakes
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The 4 Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Manufacturing Website

How many websites have you visited in the past year? Probably a lot. Perhaps you searched for travel deals, or hunted for a left-handed can opener, or maybe you were scouting out the competition in your industrial manufacturing space. In any case, consider the amount of time you wasted attempting to navigate sites that weren’t professionally — or sometimes even coherently — designed. Chances are you didn’t bother returning.

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Industrial Marketing Differentiators
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How to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

The primary goal of an industrial content marketing strategy is to get your company noticed and grab the attention of potential customers. To do that, you have to differentiate yourself. But, of course, your competition is trying to accomplish the exact same thing. So with everyone striving to stand out, how do you actually get that done? You need the right approach to digital marketing, and you need to tailor your efforts to match your unique goals and needs. But what does that entail?

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