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A/B testing your industrial site
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A/B Testing Examples For Manufacturers And Industrial Companies

When was the last time you A/B tested your website? Was it last month? Last year? Never? Continuous iteration is important for driving improvements on industrial websites and to ensure your website is meeting your business goals.

A/B testing — also known as multivariate testing, iterative testing, or split testing — refers to the creation of two versions of digital marketing assets. Both versions are analyzed to identify which one delivers the best performance. The data gained from A/B testing industrial websites helps deliver the best possible experience for the end user.

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HTTP Vs HTTP - What's the difference
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HTTP Vs HTTPs: What's The Difference?

When you visit a web page, you naturally focus on what’s inside the browser window — the words, images, products and other elements on the page itself. However, when it comes to optimizing your own industrial website, you also need to pay attention to what’s happening up above in the address bar. That’s because the difference between having HTTP and HTTPS in your address can have big implications for your business.

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How To Create An Online Product Catalog

Digitized information offers vast flexibility for both you and the customer. When deployed correctly, digital information can make the most complex product searches simpler and more efficient. Here’s how the most successful companies sell complex industrial parts: 

  1. By leveraging a well-organized online product catalog 
  2. Through technology-configured complex products
  3. Providing information in the necessary formats for different users. i.e. BIM and CAD files 

By focusing on these three aspects of online selling, manufacturers can create a simpler buying process for even the most complex industrial components.

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Website Design

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Your website is your biggest marketing asset and is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities. It is often the first place people go when looking for more information on your products or services so it should be where all of your marketing efforts should be driven to.

But traditional web design can be a daunting endeavor; in fact, many industrial companies opt not to upgrade their websites at all because of its complexity.

Thankfully, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is the answer to traditional web design woes and has significantly changed the website design landscape, allowing for intuitive, efficient design that even novices can navigate with ease and increase conversions.

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Website Basics For Manufacturers & Industrial Companies

If you're an OEM, industrial distributor, or custom manufacturer, these statements might sound pretty familiar: 

  • "We need to talk to prospects in order to qualify them."
  • "Too much information on my site would give my competitors an advantage."
  • "We get all of our new business from word-of-mouth."
  • "A new website won't help me get new business because my current website doesn't, either." 

It's understandable — it's not easy doing what you do. But if you want to start bringing in more new customers, you may want to rethink your approach. That's because more of your buyers and competitors are doing business digitally. Supplementing your traditional growth methods with an updated website and inbound marketing strategy helps out where cold calls and word-of-mouth fall short.

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Website Laptop
Website Design

6 Quick Fixes For Your Manufacturing Website That Increases Clicks

It’s no secret that your website is the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. But are you taking the time to continually optimize its pages and features?

Studies show that we have less than 15 seconds to leave a good first impression with our website visitors.

If your website’s headline, call-to-action, or even its color scheme doesn’t hit all the right notes, your prospects will simply find a website that does — which, unfortunately, could be your competitor’s.

While you may rely on your products or services to close the sale, you need to employ a website design that leads prospects to the beginning of that sales journey. Below are some effective and easy website design tips to begin leveraging to increase clicks and (ultimately) sales.

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Website Design

7 Quick Ways To Check If Your Website Is Out Of Date

It used to be that simply having a website would set you apart from the competition. You could create a handful of pages, add a little background about the company, sprinkle in some images, set it, and forget it. Unfortunately, a website that works for you requires a lot more upkeep than that.

As a key driver of new business, your website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts.

For manufacturing and industrial companies, establishing a digital presence is no longer merely an option; it’s critical to staying relevant in today’s increasingly connected, online-focused B2B world. Today, users expect more. They want to know that a company is actively invested in keeping their processes, technologies — and their website — current and up to date, reflecting shifting trends and market changes.

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The Must-Haves On Your Company's About Us Page
Website Design

The Must-Haves On Your Industrial Company's About Us Page

An inbound marketing strategy needs to provide compelling copy on your website to persuade an action from your audience. A perfect place to do so is on your company's About Us page. This is where you share your story — what makes your business unique, trustworthy, and valuable as a partner. The About Us page should be easy to navigate with content that is informative, useful, and overall engaging — but too often, this page reads like an afterthought.

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