9 Elements Of An Effective Website Design

When it comes to industrial marketing, first impressions are incredibly important. You need to instantly build trust and credibility with potential customers, lest they take their business elsewhere. That's why updating and maintaining your manufacturing website is so critical — it's often the first point of interaction buyers have with your company. 

8 Elements Of An Effective Website

If you want your website to help you attract prospects, generate leads, and win new business, you need to make sure that you are paying attention to these core elements of website design. 

1. A Clean Layout

Great design is all about simplicity; you don't want to get in the way of your visitors. If there's too much going on — lots of confusing colors, mixed messages, overwhelming visuals, complicated menu structures, competing popups, etc. — then people are more likely to get turned off. Instead, you should embrace white space, and keep your color scheme simple while making sure the right elements — like calls to action — stand out. 

2. Branded Elements

Your website is the digital reflection of your industrial brand, and it should accurately and positively represent your company. That means sticking to your core color scheme, utilizing a crisp and high-resolution logo, and working in your core messaging and value proposition. 

3. Mobile Responsive

These days, more business is done on mobile devices and tablets than on traditional desktop computers. That means your website needs to work on cell phones and tablets as well. Having a responsive website ensures your site looks great across all devices and screen sizes.

A responsive website keeps people on your site longer — and the longer they're on your website, the more likely they will do business with you.
Industrial Website Design

4. Intuitive Navigation

Navigation is an often-overlooked aspect of web design, but it is an element that can make or break your success. You need to ensure that getting around your site is as intuitive and straightforward as possible, so that visitors can find the content and information they need without getting lost, and without getting frustrated.

5. Easy-To-Use-Forms

A beautiful, well-written, and easily navigable website is great. But if you're not capturing any leads, then it is worthless from a marketing and business perspective. That's where forms come in. Forms are the primary lead capture tool on your website, and they can't be treated as an afterthought. The layout, length, and structure of your forms can play a significant role in the effectiveness of your lead gen efforts.

Dive Deeper: 32 Industrial Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas 

6. HTTPS Encryption

Your customers are more concerned about privacy and data security than ever before. Moving your site from HTTP to HTTPS and adding SSL encryption to your site is a simple, cheap, and effective way to safeguard your visitors' information. 

7. Product Catalog Capabilities

Complex products can have thousands, or even millions, of different configurations. Making configuration technologies available on your website can make it much easier for visitors to input their exact needs to get a head start on finding the configuration that will work for their project. Product configuration makes it easier for customers to purchase the exact products that they need, and suppliers to engage them earlier in their project to offer any necessary engineering insight.

It’s a win-win!


Thomas Fact: Product configurators reduce the need for intensive customer service and engineering calls and help to establish your brand as a resource for engineers and procurement professionals.

An organized online product catalog retains more customers and should be a fundamental aspect of your website. To learn more download our free eBook, The Manufacturers Guide To Building Effective Online Product Catalogs.

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8. Contact Us Page

You want prospects to get in touch with you, right? Make it easy by having a comprehensive contact us page that provides every possible way to reach you — form, phone number, email, and mailing address. Make sure to include a link to the page in your navigation menu so that visitors can access it quickly. 

Below is an example of a contact us page that converts well that includes some elements that follow best practices. Off the bat, ESI provides Contact Us Page visitors multiple options to get in touch with the company including, a form, an email, an address, and phone and fax numbers. The H2 on the page, "Trust ESI with Your Project," along with Thomas Registered and COVID-19 Response badges, enforces that ESI is a trustworthy and reputable company to partner with.

Something unique that ESI implemented on this page is a "form focus." This is an effect triggered by mouse movement so the focus is completely placed on the form. Our Thomas Marketing Services conversion rate optimization experts have run tests on industrial customer websites that prove that this has improved conversion rates and submissions. Because of the focus effect, prospects can zero in on filling out the form with little distraction.

ESI Contact Us

9. Great Content

Offering compelling content is the best way to ensure that visitors stay on your site, learn more about your company, and, ultimately, convert into customers. Take the time to develop sharp website copy, engaging blog posts, and actionable eBooks.  

Perhaps one of the best formats of content to engage buyers searching for the products and services you offer is video. With in-person sales opportunities, trade shows, and factory tours at a standstill, businesses have taken advantage of video advertising on Thomasnet.com. The reasons why are clear:

68% of people prefer to learn about a product or service through video

65% of executives visit the companies website after viewing a video

39% of executives call a vendor after viewing a video

See More Data: 2020 Industrial Marketing Benchmarks

How Effective Is Your Website?

There’s a lot that goes into creating a website that meets your business goals. We should know; we’ve built over 5,000 manufacturing and industrial websites for our clients, so we understand what works and what doesn't.

If you're  in the process of updating or overhauling your site, we can help. Contact Team Thomas — er offer a free digital health check to see exactly how you can improve your website to get more leads. Or in the meantime, download our free eBook, 9 Of The Best Manufacturing Websites That Will Inspire Your Next Redesign for more website design inspiration. 

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