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Young female industrial marketer in the office - get started with industrial marketing
Marketing Strategy

How To Get Started With An Industrial Marketing Strategy This Year

Digital industrial marketing drives customers to your business’ products and services through coordinated design, content, social media, and SEO tactics. Many manufacturing and industrial companies may think that digital marketing would be more suited toward consumer goods and B2C than the industrial space, but that's not the case. With the rise of digital transformation of sales and marketing, successful B2B companies see marketing as a direct influence on revenue generation and more manufacturers are aligning their efforts with today's digital world.

In fact, most industrial manufacturers are practically already set up for a marketing campaign — they just don’t know it yet. Here's how to get started.

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B2B manufacturing marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

6 Ways To Redefine Your B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy In 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close, now is the time to look ahead and start setting your industrial marketing plan for the future. Upgrading your digital tools and supplementing your traditional tactics puts your manufacturing company in a better position for lead generation.

Here are ways you can boost your manufacturing marketing strategy to meet the changing needs of today's buyers and get more qualified leads.

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B2B customer appreciation tips for manufacturers
Business Tips

Giving Thanks: B2B Customer Appreciation Tips For Manufacturers

You already know that your customers mean everything to your manufacturing business. However, it's important to let those customers know it every once in a while, too. Most companies likely spend a lot of time, money, and energy bringing in new clients, but very few companies expend anywhere near that much to retain the customers they already have. In fact, just 43% percent of B2B firms consider customer satisfaction a key goal. Studies show that organizations that focus on optimizing their customer engagement outperform their competitors by 26%.

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How to sell industrial products online
Business Tips

How To Sell Industrial Products Online In A B2C World

The online product sourcing landscape has changed. B2B consumers are no longer satisfied with data buried in catalogs and PDFs.

Like their B2C online experience, consumers expect a dynamic, user-friendly experience filled with compelling data. This movement drives companies to invest in digitized catalogs and create a complete digital customer experience for online prospects.

How can B2B businesses, manufacturers, and industrial companies shift their current online strategies and elevate their existing lead generation efforts to sell their industrial products effectively online?

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The Must-Haves On Your Manufacturing Company's About Us Page
Website Design

About Us Page Must-Have Content For Your Manufacturing Company

A lead-generating website needs to provide compelling copy to persuade an action from your audience. A perfect place to do so is on your company's About Us page. This is where you share your story — what makes your business unique, trustworthy, and valuable as a partner. The About Us page should be easy to navigate with informative, useful, and overall engaging content — but too often, this page reads like an afterthought.

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Content marketing ideas for manufacturers
Content Marketing

11 Top Content Marketing Ideas For Manufacturers (For Each Stage Of The Buying Process)

So you’ve realized that your traditional growth tactics just weren’t working, and you're ready to get your inbound marketing strategy off the ground. Great! To refresh, inbound marketing focuses on creating educational content that pulls people toward your industrial website.

So what do you need to drive qualified buyers to your website? Content! Let's go through some of the best content marketing ideas for manufacturers and industrial companies.

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quality industrial website traffic
Lead Generation

Why Is Website Quality More Important Than Quantity For Industrial Website Traffic?

Many companies get fooled by statistics showing heavy site traffic and essentially disregard how qualified — or unqualified — those visitors actually are.

SEO and PPC tactics can be extremely effective in getting the right people to your website, but you also need to have some metrics in place to discern how many of your visitors are serious buyers and how many are merely tire kickers.

Below are a few key reasons why it's more important to focus on quality than quantity for your industrial website traffic.

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