5 Factory Website Examples To Inspire Your Redesign

Every once in a while, we come across a website that engages us and keeps us scrolling through pages. Whether it’s the design aesthetic, the functionality, or the value of the content, each website has the power to captivate and, when done right — convert those website visitors into customers.

Here are five favorite industrial websites featuring companies with a factory to inspire your redesign.

Each website is unique, generates high-quality leads, and captures the essence of the manufacturing company’s products and services.

Factory Website Examples

Our Favorite Industrial Websites Featuring Factories

1. Wilke Enginuity

Wilke Enginuity’s home page features all the favorites buyers are looking for today:

  • ISO certification
  • Gallery preview of final products
  • Case studies
  • Video

Design engineers are concerned with form, fit, and function. Wilke Enginuity’s website makes it easy for engineers to evaluate their services to determine the best available solution with pages dedicated to Contract Manufacturing & Product Engineering Capabilities.

Psst... Check out the Wilke Enginuity's footer that displays a Thomas Verified Supplier Badge.

Wilke Enginuitys website example

2. Cornell Forge

Cornell Forge was established more than 90 years ago, and we love how that proud history is exemplified throughout the website. While the website has all the components to generate leads, it has a website page in the navigation dedicated to growing their employee base too.

According to a recent industrial survey, 69% of companies across the manufacturing and industrial sectors are likely to bring manufacturing production and sourcing back to North America. Manufacturing in particular, is positioned for domestic growth, and it’s great to see companies like Cornell Forge take a proactive approach in attracting the workforce online.

Likelihood of Reshoring Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

[Likelihood of Reshoring Due to Coronavirus Outbreak]

More manufacturing companies are leveraging factory tour videos to highlight employees, facilities, technology, and machinery. Cornell Forge’s factory tour video showcases the different metals customers can use and touches on how their designers use solid modeling and forging design to determine the best process for their customers. Videos give buyers a front-row seat into their operations and encourage them to submit an RFQ. In fact, 89% of viewers are likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

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Cornell Forge Website

3. Warren Paint & Color Co.

Warren provides more than just industrial paint and coatings; they cover all special needs and their website leaves no doubt to buyers how they can solve problems.

Aesthetically pleasing, the website’s design guides visitors depending on their needs, industry, or problem. For example, when procurement managers visit the site knowing the necessary parts of fabricating steel project they need, they can easily purchase protective primer because of Waren’s online product catalog.

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Engineers and procurement professionals have hundreds of jobs-to-be-done each day. If they can’t find what they need on your website, they will more than likely head to a competitor’s. Learn more about building a useful online catalog to earn more repeat customers with Thomas Navigator.

Warren Paint website example

4. Gary Manufacturing

Manufacturing certifications help win new business and Gary Manufacturing’s website is a great example that takes advantage of them. Gary’s homepage immediately lets buyers know the quality standards they meet using color and design that matches their branding. We love that they point out they are a “Women in Manufacturing” company too.

Just like quality certifications, a supplier diversity certification like a Woman-Owned Business matters to buyers today. It lets them know you meet their standards and portrays a value of trust. Some buyers only work with suppliers who meet diversity standards.

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Gary Manufacturing website example

5. Triad Magnetics

Buyers are already 73% of the way through the industrial buying process before they reach out and contact a supplier, and they do their research online, anonymously. Triad Magnetics’ website features two Search options with different functions on their homepage, giving their buyers the ability to find the right products they need more accurately.

Thanks to their organized product content, Triad is experiencing a 57% increase in online submissions. With less time navigating a quality website, Triad’s customers find what they need faster.

Consumers today tend to compare multiple products before making a purchase. B2B buyers expect the same ease-of-use they experience while browsing websites they make personal purchases, like Amazon or Target. Triad makes it easy for its buyers to compare industrial products by providing a Competitor Cross-Reference page on their website. Buyers can type the competitor’s item number in the search field and cross-reference with Triad Magnetic’s products — super intuitive and innovative!

Learn More: The Manufacturer's Guide To Shifting Direct To Consumer Selling

Triad Magnetics website example

Showcase Your Factory With Videos And An Updated Website

Having your website redesigned by industrial marketing experts ensure no opportunity is overlooked so you receive more RFQs from high-quality buyers you want to do business with. In today’s increasingly digital world where trade shows are at a halt, having a robust online presence with digital marketing is the most scalable, measurable, and effective channel to drive sales. Most manufacturing components and services can be complex — videos help eliminate that confusion, especially of factories and shop floors.

Contact us for a digital health check to see you can improve your website and ensure it’s functioning as a lead-generating machine.

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