Thomas Factory Tours: Industrial Video Production Examples for Custom Manufacturers and OEMs

Industrial Video Production

1. CNC Milling and Machining Services Video Examples

CNC machining videos make for some of the most viral and satisfying industrial videos that the internet offers.

These CNC Milling and Machining providers leverage factory tour videos to highlight employees, facilities, technology, and machinery. When providing buyers milling and machining services it's key to display the tools and equipment upfront so that you can build a transparent, open partnership that will lead to repeat business.

Wilke Enginuity, Inc.

Wilke Enginuity offers CNC machining, laser cutting, and fabrications. Its milling and machining abilities include CNC milling, turning, and routing on materials including plastics, metals, rubber, and wood. 

WISCON Products, Inc.

WISCON Products' services include CNC horizontal machining and multitask and multi-spindle turning. They also offer secondary services like broaching, thread rolling, and gear shaping and hobbing. WISCON serves the aerospace, energy and power, medical, automotive, and construction industries.  

Boyer Machine & Tool

Boyer Machine & Tool offers CNC milling, turning, swiss machining, wire EDM, and product finishing and assembly. Their services cover materials such as plastics and metals like aluminum, copper, and titanium. 

Precision Waterjet & Laser

Precision Waterjet & Laser's CNC drilling, milling and turning results in products for aerospace, defense, energy, medical, architectural, automotive, display and sign, and commercial flooring applications. 

Gent Machine Co.

Gent Machine supplies screw machine parts for automotive, firearms, hydraulic, and industrial supply applications. Their services include CNC milling, turning, and Swiss machining for aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, and exotic metals. 

Schenke Tool

Schenke Tool offers robotic welding and waterjet cutting in addition to its CNC machining services. The company is capable of CNC milling and turning steel, aluminum, brass, and plastics. 

Kernell's Automatic Machining

Kernell's Automatic Machining offers both CNC Swiss machining and CNC screw machining services. They serve industries including the industrial, automotive, military, aerospace, and food and beverage sectors. 


H&S Manufacturing

H&S Manufacturing offers precisions machining including milling, boring, tapping, drilling, and countersinking. They work with aluminum, plastics, brass, copper, reinforced epoxy, and several varieties of steel.  


Billet Industries

Billet Industries provides machining, fabrication, and manufacturing services. They provide manual and CNC machining, with CNC options including horizontal and vertical milling, turning, horizontal boring, and cylindrical grinding.


EZG Manufacturing

EZG Manufacturing specializes in custom fabrication for the oil and gas, material handling, food processing, medical, construction, and lawn and garden products industries. Their CNC services include milling and turning as well as drilling, boring, and threading.


2. Spinning, Forging, and Casting Services Video Examples

These companies illustrate other types of metal fabricating techniques, including spinning, forging, and casting, and showcase what they have to offer in terms of products they can manufacture while also displaying unique selling propositions.

Something that stands out to buyers with spinning, forging, and casting supplier factory tours is displaying the different metals that can be used, whether that's carbon, alloy, or stainless steel. Go a step further by highlighting tight control processes for forging temperatures plus tolerances and thickness capabilities.


Cornell Forge Company

Cornell Forge Company offers impression die and closed die hot forging, as well as value-added heat treating, inspection, plating and painting, hardness testing, machining, shot blast cleaning, and assembly.  


Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping

Metal Craft's services include hydroforming, metal stamping, waterjet cutting, and metal spinning. They serve the industrial, architectural, roofing, HVAC, sanitation, and various other industries. 


BIMAC offers ceramic mold castings and precision investment casting in ferrous, cobalt-based, brass, and bronze alloys in sizes from fractions of an ounce to 100 lbs. They also offer rapid prototyping to reduce the cost and lead time of casting runs. 

Modern Forge Companies

Modern Forge Companies supplies close tolerance near-net forgings and finished components using cross-roll, hammer, and press forging processes. They handle materials including carbon, alloy, stainless, and tool steel.


Trinity Forge

Trinity Forge offers closed die custom forging as well as precision machining for carbon and stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, bronze, and titanium. They're capable of doing near-net forgings up to 160 lbs. 


DyCast Specialties

DyCast Specialties' services include zinc and aluminum alloy castings, but they also offer value-added CNC machining, deburring, prototyping and engineering, and finishing services such as plating.


Bell Foundry

Bell Foundry offers precision mold and sand castings for automotive, marine, commercial, and industrial applications. The company also offers CNC and non-CNC machining of aluminum molds, as well as part finishing services.


Plymouth Foundry

Plymouth Foundry supplies green sand iron castings, including both gray and ductile iron castings. They also offers rapid prototyping and 3D printing, as well as value-added machining and custom foundry services.


3. Stamping, Sheet Metal, and Tubing Fabrication Video Examples

Companies that offer stamping, sheet metal, or tubing fabrication can give their customers and prospects an up-close look at their machinery in action.

You'll see that showing off the certifications you have like ISO 9001:2015 or memberships to groups like AWS, FMA, or SME help prospects understand the quality you provide customers.

We typically see machinery like 5-axis lasers, CNC tube benders, CAD programming software, and punch press machines within stamping, sheet metal, and tubing fabrication shop floor tours. Show the process of tubing and structural shapes along with the weight and length capabilities. Never forget to showcase customer advantages like shortened lead times and cost-effectiveness.

Bassett Industries

Basset Industries specializes in ready-to-assemble tubular components, assemblies, and weldments. They offer tube bending, laser cutting, welding, CNC machining, and CNC plate and sheet forming services; the company can bend tubes up to 8 5/8 inches and 2,000 lbs. 

Electro-Space Fabricators

Electro-Space Fabricators offers sheet metal manufacturing and fabricating, including punching, forming, bending, welding, assembly, and finishing. They also offer design, engineering, computerized rapid prototyping, kitting, and warehousing. 

Estes Design & Manufacturing

Estes Design & Manufacturing specializes in sheet metal fabrication including punching, laser cutting, panel bending, and laser welding. The company, which also can create prototypes, is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. 

HPL Stampings

HPL Stampings offers short-run and prototype metal stampings, as well as sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting. Their secondary services include assembly, sanding, welding and tapping.


Small Tube Products

Small Tube Products supplies made-to-order tube fabrications from copper, brass, phosphor bronze, copper-nickel, nickel-silver, and aluminum. The company is ISO 9001 certified and also offers precision drawing and straightening.


Kooima Company

Kooima Company offers job shop services including laser cutting, bending and CNC bending, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, beveling, welding, and finishing. They also offer crane assembly, part storage, and delivery services.


EVS Metal

EVS Metal is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified. The company offers precision metal fabrication including punching, CNC milling and turning, welding, and finishing services including powder coating. 



A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co.

A.J. Rose Manufacturing specializes in precision formed metal products and assemblies. Their stamping capabilities include coining, deep draw, chamfering, rib forming, extruding, embossing, gusset forming, and more.  


C & J Metal Products, Inc.

C & J Metal Products offers custom flat springs, stampings, assemblies, washers, wire forms and electrical contacts. They specialize in light metal stampings with thicknesses from .005 inches to .125 inches.


4. Plastics and Rubber Fabrication Video Examples

Plastics and rubber fabrication companies can show their prospects what makes them great by creating videos that show off plastic injection molding and extrusion capabilities.

Maybe you custom manufacture specific parts or you're a mass producer — either way, you can leverage factory tour videos to give your prospects a closer look. Manufacturers in this space highlight their CNC mills and lathes, as well as capabilities including y-axis milling, drilling, and tapping.

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Advanced Industrial

Advanced Industrial offers CNC machined plastic components in PEEK, acetal, nylon, polyimides, PET, Ultem, and other materials, as well as offering machinable plastic shapes. Their services include CNC milling and turning as well as drilling and tapping. 


Arrow Manufacturing, Inc.

Arrow Manufacturing machines fiberglass, paper-based and fiberboard materials in addition to plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, PVC, and Delrin. This ISO 9001 certified company also offers turning, punching, bending, and sawing.


Jamak Fabrication

Jamak Fabrication specializes in silicone rubber, providing product design, material formulation, extrusion, co-extrusion, die-cutting, testing, and analysis. Their products are also all made in the USA.


National Plastics & Seals

National Plastics & Seals specializes in precision machined and fabricated plastic parts. Their services include plastics machining and fabrication, heat shrink tubing products, fiberglass sleeves, and custom rubber o-rings and seals. 


International Polymer Solutions (iPolymer)

iPolymer's services include CNC machining, routing, welding, and custom fabrication for a range of plastics: fluoropolymers, polycarbonate, polyurethane, acetal, PTFE, PEEK, LDPE, HDPE, and others. 


Century Rubber Co.

Century Rubber specializes in custom elastomer components including seals, bellows, suction cups, and rollers. They handle a range of rubbers including silicone, fluoro silicone, EPDM, neoprene, butyl, isoprene, nitrile, and natural rubber. 


Nicolet Plastics

Nicolet Plastics makes custom injection molded parts. Their injection molding services include scientific molding, insert and overmolding, and part decoration and labeling, but they also offer additive manufacturing services. 


Calpex Plastics

Offering custom plastic extrusion products, Calpex Plastics supplies products including tubing, pipes, profiles, rods, spiral wrap, and coils. They serve the automotive, electronics, packaging, water filtration, irrigation, construction, and other industries.


4B Plastics

4B plastics provides PTFE molding for custom and standard PTFE parts. They work with virgin PTFE, as well as PTFE filled with carbon, glass, stainless steel, and graphite. 4B also does rush jobs for short deadlines. 


Plasti-World Ltd.

Plasti-World offers custom plastic injection molding with presses up to 100 tons for toys and consumer goods. Their other services include designing, prototyping, and decorative finishes. 


5. End Product Production Video Examples

Many industrial companies use video to highlight their manufacturing processes, but some take things a step further by focusing on the end products they're creating. The key elements that your factory tour videos should focus on are:

  • What makes your business different?
  • What makes your end product stand out?

Peters Machine

Peters Machine has specialized in heat exchanger tubes and baffles for 30 years. The company works with thicknesses up to 10 inches in materials such as aluminum steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, titanium, and explosion-clad bonded materials. 


Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

Tempco Electric Heater manufactures electric heating elements, temperature sensors, and temperature control products. In addition to their standard temperature control products, they also offer custom products down to custom fittings.


Excel Connection

Excel Connection specializes in cable assemblies, wire harnesses, lead wires, and electro-mechanical assemblies. The company is ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified, and offers everything from prototypes to high production volumes.

Hoyt Corporation

Hoyt Corporation supplies electrical contacts and contact assemblies in low volume and short runs, including unusual, discontinued, and prototype products. They serve the electrical OEM and replacement aftermarket sectors.

Precision Mfg. Co. Inc.

Precision Mfg. Co. specializes in wire harness and cable assemblies, electromechanical assembly, and kitting. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and serves the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, agriculture, medical, military, energy, and power industries. 


Impact Canopy

Impact Canopy offers custom canopy tents and other branding items such as banners, flags, table covers, domes, chairs, umbrellas, carports, and inflatables. They also offer rental products. 


Fluid Tech Hydraulics

Fluid Tech Hydraulics' products include hydraulic hoses and fittings, hydraulic cylinders, and industrial hoses and couplings as well as components. They also custom manufacture industrial hose assemblies. 


Taylor Made Cases

Taylor Made Cases offers products for mobile, manufacturing ,distribution, retail, and field service applications. Their products include holsters, vehicle mounts, cases, covers and retractors. 


Bally Ribbon Mills

Bally Ribbon Mills supplies tapes, webbing, narrow fabrics, medical products, including prototypes of medical tapes and biotextiles, and advanced products including 2D and 3D woven shapes, braids, and cloth with specialized weaving. 


6. Heat Treatment and Finishing Services Video Examples

Heat treatment and finishing companies should create videos that show off their capabilities treating fabricated products to increase the intrinsic strength of materials and protect from environmental stresses like corrosion.

Showcase the different heat treating you offer like austempering, carburizing, direct hardening, or vacuum processing. If part of your manufacturing process is error-free, highlight that. At the end of the day, buyers want quality service at each stage of the game. Go beyond the shop floor by laying out exactly how you track orders and different projects. Manufacturing the product is only one piece of the puzzle in terms of the buying cycle


Pro Finish Powder Coating

Pro Finish Powder Coating offers manual batch and conveyorized line powder coating services, as well as pretreating. The company, which is ISO 9001:2015 certified, handles both small and large parts up to 20 feet.



ThermTech specializes in heat treating services such as austempering, marquenching, gas nitriding, carburizing, annealing, hardening and age hardening, stress relief, and straightening. They also offer blasting and cryogenic treatment. 


Mills Metal Finishing

Mills Metal Finishing offers metal coating, plating, and finishing to ASTM specifications. They also provide anodizing, electro-polishing, powder coating, and vibratory deburring, as well as offering value-added supply chain and project management services. 


Multi-Flex Plating

Multi-Flex Plating offers metal rack, barrel, and brush plating, as well as anodizing, passivation, cleaning, degreasing, abrasive blasting, dipping, stripping, and masking. They also offer testing as part of their quality assurance services.


ENS Technology

ENS Technology offers coating and plating, including standard and specialty metal plating for exotic metals and various alloys. They also plate plastics to add electrical conductivity and for other applications.


Imagineering Finishing Technologies

Imagineering Finishing Technologies provides anodizing, passivation, electroless nickel plating, and various types of coating services. Their coatings include dry film lubricant, phosphate, conversion, paint, and specialty coatings.



Burr/Off's services include thermal deburring for the aerospace, hydraulics, machine tool, appliance, aluminum die casting, agriculture, power tools, automotive, tool and die, construction equipment, transportation, dentistry, zinc die casting, and government sectors.


Nadco Tapes and Labels

Nadco Tapes and Labels makes their products in the USA. They offer custom printed tapes and labels, die cutting, converting, digital printing and die cutting, graphic design and prototyping services, and digital variable data printing.


Duray Plating Co.

Duray Plating specializes in industrial hard chrome plating. The company's offerings include emergency weekend orders for plating products from less than on ounce to 2,000 lbs. They're capable of plating to military and aerospace specifications.  


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Factory tours are a great way to allow potential buyers to view your facilities without being there in person, which can shorten lead times and help everyone sign a contract more quickly. If you'd like to learn more about how your industrial business can get a factory tour video, reach out to our video experts.

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