Thomas Factory Tours: Industrial Video Production Examples for Custom Manufacturers and OEMs

Industrial Video Production

CNC Milling & Machining Services Video Examples

CNC machining videos make for some of the most viral and satisfying industrial videos that the internet offers.

These CNC Milling & Machining providers leverage factory tour videos to highlight employees, facilities, technology, and machinery. When providing buyers milling and machining services it's key to display the tools and equipment upfront so that you can build a transparent, open partnership that will lead to repeat business.

Video credit: Wilke Enginuity, Inc.

Video credit: WISCON Products, Inc.

Video credit: Boyer Machine & Tool Co., 

Video credit: Precision Waterjet & Laser

Spinning, Forging, And Casting Services Video Examples

These companies illustrate other types of metal fabricating techniques including spinning, forging, and casting and showcase what they have to offer in terms of products they can manufacture while also displaying unique selling propositions.

Something that stands out to buyers with spinning, forging, and casting supplier factory tours is displaying the different metals that can be used, whether that's carbon, alloy, stainless steel, etc. Go a step further by highlighting tight control processes for forging temperatures plus tolerances and thickness capabilities.

Video credit: Cornell Forge Co.

Video credit: Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping

Video credit: Bimac

Stamping, Sheet Metal, And Tubing Fabrication Video Examples

Companies that offer stamping, sheet metal, or tubing fabrication can give their customers and prospects an up-close look at their machinery in action.

You'll see that showing off the certifications you have like ISO 9001:2015 or memberships to groups like AWS, FMA, or SME help prospects understand the quality you provide customers.

We typically see machinery like 5-axis lasers, CNC tube benders, CAD programming software, and punch press machines within stamping, sheet metal, and tubing fabrication shop floor tours. Show the process of tubing and structural shapes along with the weight and length capabilities. Never forget to  showcase customer advantages like shortened lead times and cost-effectiveness.

Video credit: Bassett Industries, Inc.

Video credit: Electro-Space Fabricators, Inc.

Video credit: Estes Design & Manufacturing, Inc.


Video credit: HPL Stampings, Inc.

Plastics & Rubber Fabrication Video Examples

Plastics and rubber fabrication companies can show their prospects what makes them great by creating videos that show off plastic injection molding and extrusion capabilities.

Maybe you custom manufacture specific parts or you're a mass producer — either way, you can leverage factory tour videos to give your prospects a closer look. Manufacturers in this space highlight their CNC mills and lathes, as well as capabilities including y-axis milling, drilling, and tapping.

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Video credit: Advanced Industrial

Video credit: Arrow Manufacturing Inc.

Video credit: Jamak Fabrication, Inc.

End Product Production Video Examples

Many industrial companies use video to highlight their manufacturing processes, but some take things a step further by focusing on the end products they're creating. These are the key elements that your factory tour videos should focus on. What makes your business different? What makes your end product stand out?


Video credit: Peters Machine

Video credit: Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

Video credit: Excel Connection

Video credit: Hoyt Corporation

Heat Treatment And Finishing Services Video Examples

Heat treatment and finishing companies should create videos that show off their capabilities treating fabricated products to increase the intrinsic strength of materials and protect from environmental stresses like corrosion.

Showcase the different heat treating you offer like austempering, carburizing, direct hardening, or vacuum processing. If part of your manufacturing process is error-free, highlight that. At the end of the day, buyers want quality service at each stage of the game. Go beyond the shop floor by laying out exactly how you track orders and different projects. Manufacturing the product is only one piece of the puzzle in terms of the buying cycle

Video credit: Pro Finish Powder Coating

Video credit: ThermTech

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Factory tours are a great way to allow potential buyers to view your facilities without being there in person, which can shorten lead times and help everyone sign a contract more quickly. If you'd like to learn more about how your industrial business can get a factory tour video, reach out to our video experts.

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