American Toy Manufacturers Who Make The Holidays Possible

This time of year, elves tend to get a lot of credit for making holiday wishes come true. But the truth is, the real magic isn't happening in the North Pole; it's happening at real manufacturing workshops throughout the country.

Here are some of the many American manufacturers that help produce the toys — and the joys — this holiday season.

American toy manufacturing company machine

American Manufacturers: Made In The USA

Step2 is the largest manufacturer of toddler and preschool toys in the United States and it's their mission to promote imagination and bring families together in celebration of childhood. As the world's largest rotational molder of plastics, Step2 manufacturers creates an array of kid's toys and furniture as well as pet-friendly items.

Kid's Toy Workshop Manufacturer

Creative Engineering

Founded by a veteran of Hasbro's R&D department, Creative Engineering offers mechanical engineering, industrial design, and electrical engineering solutions. Their extensive portfolio includes iPhone accessories, baby gear, and tons of toy robots. Our favorite, though, is the Evertune guitar the guitar that never goes out of tune.

Creative Engineering Yoda Process Manufacturer

Rodon Group

The Rodon Group, a leading high-volume custom plastic injection molder, manufactures billions of parts every year. Quite a few of those parts may end up under trees in the form of K'NEX — classic, creative toys that encourage imaginative play and building.   

KNEX Thrill Rides Manufacturer

The Box Co-Op

You may not judge a book by its cover, but you will likely judge a present by its box. The Box Co-Op, manufactures custom box packaging for popular toys and games, and dozens of other industries, making products look as good on the outside of the box as they are on the inside.

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The Box Co-Op Inventory Manufacturer

JW Pet Company

In 2019, people spent an average of $76 on gifts for their pets! If you have a four-legged friend on your holiday shopping list, you probably will come across products from JW Pet Company, which produces toys and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even hamsters.

Petmate Dog Toy Manufacturer

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Maine Wood Concepts

Wood blocks have been a staple in toy bins and wish lists for centuries, and the team at Maine Wood Concepts has been making them for more than 40 years. A leading manufacturer of sustainably harvested custom wood parts and tunings, the company not only makes wood blocks, they also make wood toy components, game parts, and game pieces. Their products are found in some of the most popular games in America.

Main Wood Concepts Wooden Blocks Manufacturer


Robots provide an awesome introduction to engineering and manufacturing principles. They also make for a great gift. The team at Robotis makes a full-range of robots, including those geared towards kids. One of their most popular robots is the Robotis Mini, which can be programmed for a full range of motion and controlled via a simple app on your smartphone.

Need some more gift inspiration? Check out these STEM, Tech, and Engineering Toys.

robotis mini


Looking for a gift that will keep someone warm and comfortable all year long? Carhartt probably has you covered. This family-owned apparel company, in business since 1889, is known for work clothes, jackets, coats, vests, and jeans. They also produce a wide range of accessories, including baseball caps, pet gear, backpacks, and boots.

Carhartt Manufacturer

American Plastic Toys Inc.

American Plastic Toys has been manufacturing toys in the United States since 1962. With a product line that boasts 125 different toys, this plastic manufacturer creates anything from sand pails to full kitchen playsets.

American Plastics Toys Manufacturer

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American manufacturing companies play an enormous role in designing, developing, prototyping, manufacturing, and distributing some of the most popular holiday gifts. But their magic isn't limited to toys, games, and gear.

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