Why Quality Is More Important Than Quantity For Website Traffic

It’s common sense that you need to drive traffic to your website in order to increase leads. And if you’re showing signs of growth, that’s a great start! But many companies get fooled by statistics showing heavy site traffic and essentially disregard how qualified — or unqualified — those visitors actually are.

shutterstock_400546816SEO and PPC tactics can be extremely effective in getting people to your website, but you also need to have some metrics in place in order to discern how many of your visitors are serious buyers and how many are merely tire kickers.

Below are a few key reasons why it's more important to focus on quality than quantity when it comes to your industrial website traffic.

You’ll Have A Higher ROI

Aiming for high-traffic goals sends out bait to a huge number of buyers, but who knows if you’ll actually reach your target audience. If your traffic isn’t comprised of high-quality prospects, everything else will suffer, including your return on investment (ROI).

It’s not enough to just splatter your brand name across the internet. You need to establish a presence that illustrates why you are a better choice than your competition. Your efforts should be targeted at specific personas, with analytics in place that measure how many users engage with your site and how they do so. Indiscriminate, generic marketing can have a huge effect on bounce rate — the number of visitors who land on your page and immediately leave. Maybe your page takes too long to load, or maybe they simply weren’t looking for your product. Regardless of the reason, your SEO placement will suffer and your status on the search lists will drop. You’ve pumped time, energy, and money into thin air.

So, assuming your website is in tiptop shape, it’s time to start thinking of the best places to market your site so that your intended visitors are actual prospective buyers. Focusing on web-traffic quality over quantity will allow for more engagement, better leads, and increased revenue.

Your Data Will Be More Accurate

Speaking of bounce rates, the lower those rates are, the easier it will be to sort through trackable site activity, such as downloads and page views. This will allow you to more easily isolate what’s working and what’s not. Imagine sifting through a million site visitors’ activity — the majority of whom have no need or desire to learn about your business — and trying to pick out site conversions.

Now imagine sifting through the data for ten thousand targeted visitors with a high likelihood of engaging in one way or another. The latter allows for a much better understanding of which factors have the greatest effect in converting visitors into customers.

But let’s say you’re still suffering a low conversion rate. At least with the proper analysis, you can pinpoint what needs improvement, what should be done away with, and what’s showing signs of promise. Focusing on better traffic quality makes the pool of data significantly smaller, and much more useful for decision-making moving forward.

So what can you do to ensure you’re netting quality traffic?

Put Out Specific, Targeted Content

Write content that’s specific to your products and services. This means more than simply highlighting the name of the products, tools, or materials you frequently use or manufacture. Rather, focus on the needs your end product fulfills. Think of the day-to-day issues your prospective buyers face and how you can help remedy them. Can you put out a checklist of common application errors, or provide an eBook that speaks to a specific issue? How can you reach prospective customers at each stage of their buying journey? Create your content with your target audience in mind, and they will come to you, organically, through searches. When you gear your content toward the right people, the right people come to you.

Also keep in mind that compelling and specific headlines are essential. Imagine yourself doing a search. How many articles or websites do you gloss over because your keywords are not clearly stated in the headline or the opening sample content listed underneath those headlines? Speak to the buyers’ needs, and don’t waste their time. This will also weed out the low-quality traffic you wouldn’t want contaminating your data pool anyway.

Go Directly To The Customer

If you were trying to put together a softball team, would you post an ad at the local ice rink? Probably not. So apply the same logic to how and where you post your website links, ads, and marketing material.

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