10 Videos Featuring Industrial Companies and Facilities You Should Watch

When’s the last time you were in a new manufacturing or industry facility? Maybe you toured a colleague's shop during a trade show a few years ago or had to do an audit for a new supplier recently.

With so many industry expansions, updates to machinery and innovative ways to organize, taking a look at what your colleagues are up to can be an interesting and idea-provoking tactic.

Of course, we don’t expect you to spend thousands of dollars flying all over the globe to visit other industrial companies and manufacturers. But there are plenty of tours available online for free — from automakers and heavy-equipment manufacturers to plastic injection molders, check out some behind-the-scenes videos below:

1. H.B. Fuller

2. Hyundai

3. The Rodon Group

4. Engineering Specialties

5. American Crane & Equipment Corporation

6. Yorkville Sound

7. DFT Inc.

8. Ferarri

9. HPL Stampings, Inc.

10. RT Engineering Corporation

Thomas Industry update

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