17 Videos Featuring Industrial Companies & Factories You Should Watch

When’s the last time you were in a new manufacturing or industry facility? Maybe you toured a colleague's shop during a trade show a few years ago or had to do an audit for a new supplier.

But with in-person events at a halt this year, many industrial companies are using videos to tour their shop floors and better engage with buyers.

With so many industry expansions, updates to machinery, and innovative ways to organize, taking a look at what your partners are up to can be great inspiration for your own brand awareness campaigns. From automakers and heavy-equipment manufacturers to plastic injection molders, check out some behind-the-scenes videos below.

Industrial Factory Tour Videos

The $14.3 billion trade show industry has completely vanished this year. In response, smart manufacturers have shifted their marketing budget and replaced trade shows with a long-term digital marketing game plan that includes factory tour videos. 

1. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Facility Tour


2. EVS Metal Factory Tour


3. Blue Grass Manufacturing Tour


4. The Rodon Group Highlights It's Factory, Employees & Capabilities


5. Bimac Factory Tour


6.  Sigma Thermal's Customer Service 


89% of viewers are likely to purchase a product after they watch a video of the product.

Product Manufacturing Videos

Industrial products can be complex. That's why manufacturers are using videos to help them sell. Product manufacturing videos bring your work quality to life and persuade a prospect to do business with you. In fact, 95% of a video message is retained versus only 10% when reading text. They serve as excellent public relations to introduce a new product and increase your reach specifically to the buyers you want to do business with.

7. H.B. Fuller's HVAC Product Line

8. RT Engineering Corporation: Custom Automation Labeling Machine


9. DFT Inc. Showcases Its Hi-100 Severe Service Control Valve


10. Davenport's New Hybrid Machine (Multi-Video Series)


11. Davenport's New Hybrid Machine - CNC Slide Construction


12. Aries Engineering Co.: HyperCyl Hydra-Pneumatic Cylinders

Industrial Company Overview Videos

Many North American manufacturers have a long history of growth with decades of experience. Use a company overview video to highlight the parts of your story and the people behind your business that matter the most to you and your buyers. A company overview video can present an emotional appeal and give prospects an idea of who they can be partnering with. 

13. Why ESI? Cutting-Edge Metal Stamping & Assembly Services


14. We Are Gritty At American Crane & Equipment Corporation


15. Swift Glass Company Overview, Technological Fabrication


16. About HPL Stampings, Inc. Sheet Metal Fabrications & Laser Cutting


17. Why Design Engineers Turn To Hudson Technologies

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Sell More Manufacturing Business With Videos

Utilizing video as a medium to your content marketing strategy is no longer a "nice-to-have" it is necessary. Yes, even for industrial companies and businesses. In fact, industrial marketers who use video content grow revenue 49% faster than those who don't — in today's competitive marketplace, videos have been proven to increase RFQs. According to HubSpot's 2020 State of Marketing report, video beat out heavyweight contenders like email, blogging, and infographics as the most used type of marketing content.

Sound like something you're ready to take on? Contact team Thomas to discuss how we can create a video of your facility, team, or capabilities for free with the purchase of an advertising program... we'll even let you play with our very own clapperboard. 

"I can't believe how awesome the video turned out. Even all the captions describe us exactly. It's almost as if people from Thomas have worked here before," said HPL Stampings.

Or if you'd like more video and content inspiration that engages prospects during their buying journey, and generate leads to drive growth for your business, check out the links below:

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