Factory Video Production For Manufacturers That Engage B2B Buyers

There are lots of new tools and solutions designed to enhance communications in today’s digitally connected world. But, by far, one of the best solutions to emerge has been the use of video. That’s because people retain 95% of the content they watch via video compared to only 10% of content read by text. Videos continue to be one of the most used digital marketing tools to convert prospects, recruit new talent, and enhance efficiency on your shop floor.

Manufacturers invest in different types of videos to increase their sales opportunities, like a company overview or factory tour. Factory tour videos allow you to connect and interact with people, businesses, and organizations visually from anywhere in the world. Let’s go through what makes a good factory video and how you can get started.

Factory video production for manufacturers

What Makes A Good Factory Video?

A good factory tour video is around 1-2 minutes in length and showcases who you are, what industrial products you sell, or what services you provide. It highlights your machines, processes, and capabilities to give buyers an idea of the quality your business services can offer. The picture and audio quality should be clear and stable. For example, if your project manager is speaking, the background sound should be absent of noise from your factory or other side conversations. Background music can also make your video more interesting, engaging, and entertaining.

A good factory video is more than just footage of your shop floor, machinery, and processes. It also has a creative script that portrays your trustworthiness to potential buyers who are vetting you and deciding whether or not to add you to their shortlist. A good factory video is a brand marketing essential, especially for custom manufacturers.

Examples Of Factory Videos Produced For Manufacturers

Factory videos are used to tell a story — they clearly show your systems and specifications, making it easier for buyers to decide and partner with you. Here are some recent factory tour video examples Thomas has produced for companies specializing in CNC machining & milling, heat treatment, and plastic fabrication:


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Tips For Producing A Factory Video

When done right, video marketing elevates the messaging of what your company stands for. It will make it easier to build trust with prospective buyers and differentiates you from competitors. Here are some basic steps as you plan out your first factory video.

  • Create quality content that engages, educates, and intrigues your audience. Think about their common questions and challenges. 
  • Imagine giving an in-person tour to a prospective big customer. What would you talk about and what would you show them? Make sure you have a script for your factory video to not lose track of what to say or what to capture.
  • Consider capturing footage of any awards or certificates your company obtained to build credibility. Specific industries only work with custom manufacturers or suppliers who are certified. Make sure your qualifications and certifications are up to date and highlighted on your website.
  • Do you have key performance stats about your factory or fascinating company history? Take those numbers and facts and showcase them into something meaningful, like in the example below of G.E. Mathis. Incorporate graphics, text, and music that will give your story life.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate a CTA, like a phone number or email address at the end to encourage viewers to take the next step and reach out to you. And make sure you’re responding to those inquiries as soon as possible. A 2021 Industrial Buyer’s Search Habits Survey revealed that 44% of B2B buyers expect a response in less than 24 hours — get the full survey results here.

Where To Share Your Factory Videos

Videos help convert website visitors into customers, and they’re getting more popular in the marketing toolbox every year. According to HubSpot's 2021 Not Another State Of Marketing Report, the number of videos in the 30–60 minute category grew 140% compared to 2019. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your factory video:

  1. Incorporate them into your online marketing strategy.
  2. Host it on your website, on your Thomasnet.com Company Profile, and social media accounts.
  3. Announce your new video in an email to your customers and encourage them to share it with their network.

Unsure of how to start? Leave the planning and production to our team. When you partner with Thomas, you can expect a professional video crew at your factory. We’ll create a script that accurately but creatively portrays the history and quality of your factory. You can get started for free with a company profile on Thomasnet.com, where more than 1.3 million B2B buyers are sourcing for industrial products and services, ready to engage with your videos— and we can help set up the right reporting to ensure you're getting the maximum ROI.  

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