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how to grow textile manufacturer with digital marketing
Business Tips

How To Grow Your Textiles Manufacturing Company (With Digital Marketing Examples)

It’s an active period of growth for some textile manufacturers, especially in the U.S.

The pandemic, trade agreements, and changes in the economy have impacted the industry as a whole, but it's still on target for billion dollar growth in the years ahead.

Suffice to say, there's opportunity in this sector of manufacturing, and if you're looking to increase orders—of if you already have a five-year plan to double your business and expand your facility—here are ways textiles manufacturers can get more customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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steel and metal manufacturing - how to promote your steel business
Manufacturing and Industrial

How To Grow Your Steel And Metals Manufacturing Business

Steel continues to be one of the most sourced products on the platform. It is no surprise that steel and metals represent an important supply source to today's aerospace, aviation, and medical industries.

So how can steel and metal manufacturing businesses continue the momentum of their business growth? First, make sure you have a clear business plan. Some manufacturers try to grow their manufacturing business by doing everything possible. In this post, we'll help you choose business goals that are realistic and how you can document them so you can see your milestones and track your growth along the way. Doing so will ensure you're not as overwhelmed and your employees stay motivated too.

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B2B product launch with digital marketing
Marketing Strategy

How To Plan A New B2B Product Launch With Digital Marketing

Business owners are familiar with building their own go-to-market strategy. It's the official plan of how a new product gets launched, who the target audience is, the marketing plan, and sales strategy. But each product, industry, and market are different — especially in the manufacturing and industrial world. According to a small business survey done by Thomas, only 15.69% of small businesses in the U.S. use digital marketing as a primary marketing tactic. But in the past year, more leaders are making a move to digital transforming their sales and marketing.

The following steps outline how to plan your new B2B product launch with digital marketing and newer, better growth methods that meet a new age of buyers.

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industrial digital marketing planning for manufacturers
Marketing Strategy

The Stages Of Industrial Digital Marketing: Converting Traffic To Customers

Digital marketing continues to grow at an astounding rate. eMarketer estimated that digital ad buyers in the U.S. will spend $191.09 billion in 2021, a 25.5% increase over last year. Manufacturers and industrial markets have begun to aggressively embrace the approach, and we can clearly see three distinct stages in their digital marketing evolution. 

Understanding which stage you’re in can ensure that you are advancing toward what should be the ultimate goal of your digital marketing — generating customers and driving revenue.

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manufacturers website
Website Design

Is There Value In A Manufacturer's Website In 2021?

If you're an OEM, industrial distributor, or custom manufacturer, these statements might sound pretty familiar: 

  • "We need to talk to prospects in order to qualify them."
  • "Too much information on my site would give my competitors an advantage."
  • "We get all of our new business from word-of-mouth."
  • "A new website won't help me get new business because my current website doesn't, either." 

If you're looking to grow your business, you may wonder why all the advice you find points you to something about website efforts. Well, that's because more of your buyers and competitors are doing business digitally. Supplementing your traditional growth methods with an updated website, online presence, and inbound marketing strategy helps out when cold calls and word-of-mouth fall short. 

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digital customer experience for manufacturers
Business Tips

Digital Customer Experience Trends Manufacturing Leaders Are Embracing In 2021

Engineers, procurement managers, and MROs face many challenges in their jobs. Navigating a supplier’s website to find the information or support they need to make a purchase decision shouldn’t be one of them. These B2B buyers have become used to excellent digital experiences from the brands they engage within their personal lives, and they are bringing those exact expectations to the workplace as they evaluate potential suppliers for their companies.

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