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What Are The Industrial Applications Of Inline Heaters?

Inline heaters, sometimes referred to as circulation heaters, have a number of different industrial uses. 

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ISM2016 Recap: Day Four

Many procurement teams and large buying organizations want to engage with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, just getting those businesses to respond to RFQs can be a big challenge. To help bridge the gap, hosted a presentation that provided insight into the mindset of SMBs. We were joined by Natalie Menke, President of Universal Blower Pac & INOHVA Pneumatics, a small original manufacturer of custom blower systems with headquarters in Indiana, who lent her unique perspective.

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How Business Credit Affects Your Supply Chain

Your supply chain is similar to a line of standing dominos, if one piece goes down, it could cause a chain reaction and take all the other pieces down with it. If you have a supplier or manufacturer in your supply chain that goes bankrupt or consistently delivers late, you could have a serious disruption on your hands. It makes sense that you’d want to take the necessary precautions when choosing new businesses to add to your supply chain, in order to try and avoid the domino effect. But, you can’t exactly predict the future, so you’re often taking the risk that a key component to your operations may fall flat. There are a few ways, however, that you can assess a potential supplier or manufacturer and decide in advance if it seems stable enough to add to your supply chain. By analyzing a business’s credit report, you can use data and predictive scoring to help you decide which companies you want to partner with.

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ISM2016 Recap: Day Three

From negotiating tactics to supply chain risk mitigation to recognizing underrepresented leaders, there was a lot to learn on day three at ISM2016. 

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ISM2016 Recap: Day Two

Day two really kicked ISM2016 into high gear, with learning sessions all day long, exciting presentations in the exhibit hall and a keynote address that brought everyone together. There was a lot to take in, and here is our recap to make sure you are plugged in.

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ISM2016 Recap: Day One

Day one of ISM2016 is in the books. Check out the highlights from Indianapolis.

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Video: The Need For Speed

You know that the manufacturing industry innovates at a breakneck pace, but one project by the U.S. Air Force just pushed that pace to an entirely new level – 633 miles per hour, to be exact.   

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What's It Really Like To Work In Manufacturing As A Millennial?

April 2016 marked a full year since I arrived at Over that time, I have learned a lot about an industry that I, as a millennial, originally thought was complicated, outdated, and somewhat dull. Looking back 12 months later, I have been proven indisputably wrong.

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Top Trends And Key Issues Impacting Supply Chain Professionals

ISM2016, the premier event for the supply chain industry, kicks off in Indianapolis on May 15. The three-day event will bring together thousands of supply chain and procurement professionals for learning and networking in Indianapolis, and will be at the center of it all, attending all the essential sessions and critical keynotes.   

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