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5 Ways To Keep A Supplier Engaged And Build Supply Chain Partnerships

Whether you are looking to place an order, source something new, or just get an update on overall account status, businesses expect their suppliers to address these needs. But what do your suppliers expect from you?  

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Video: A Laser Machine Gun For Your Cleaning Needs

Cleaning might actually become exciting for those that work in the industrial sector. The company P-laser released a new handheld laser cleaner that is able to remove rust and dirt from metals. 

Although the use of lasers to cut and clean equipment is nothing new, this particular laser is essentially a 1,000 watt laser machine gun that shoots light bullets at an incredibly high pulse rate. Want to see the handheld laser cleaner in action? Then check out the full video from our friends at Industrial Equipment News

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Debunking 7 Common Exporting Myths & Misconceptions

Exporting can make a positive impact on your business. Unfortunately, there are several negative myths and misconceptions that could prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Don’t miss out due to misinformation. Learn the truth about exporting in today’s global economy.

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Nominating A Rising Supply Chain Star: What's In It For You?

Two years ago, David Allen, who at the time was Functional Excellence Lead in Shell Oil's Downstream Contracting and Procurement Operational Excellence Group, nominated a young colleague, Katy Conrad, for the and ISM 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars Recognition Program. Katy was not only selected, she was also named the Megawatt Winner for 2014.

Now, David is encouraging other supply chain professionals to participate in the program, as it has proven a rewarding experience not only for Katy, but for David and the Shell organization overall. Here's what he had to say about the program, his experience and why it's important to recognize the next generation of supply chain professionals.

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Asking The Right Questions: Advice For Sourcing Companies

When it comes to sourcing materials for a manufacturing project, vendor qualification is an important consideration that will leave a lasting impact. A precision metal stamping vendor, for example, is very different than a thermoforming vendor. To hone in on the best candidate for procurement, utilize custom, concise questionnaires specific to each vendor’s particular service area.

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Manufacturing Industry Jobs Update: August 2016

At, we are big champions of American manufacturing and reshoring. In fact, we work with suppliers who produce amazing products made in America every day, and we play an instrumental role in helping small- and medium-sized suppliers grow.

But how can we measure growth for the industry overall? A good barometer is the state of the manufacturing workforce. That’s why we will be regularly diving deep into the latest information from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics to take the pulse of hiring in the industry and to highlight sectors that are growing.

Here is our Manufacturing Industry Jobs Update for August 2016:

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Video: Army Helicopters Getting Big Upgrade

The United States Army's fleet of helicopters is about to get a major upgrade. After eight years of development, recent advancements and grants are about to culminate in the development of a new centerline engine for Black Hawk and Apache helicopters. The advanced design includes a 3,000 shaft horsepower turbine engine, which will mean big improvements longevity and fuel efficiency.  

Want to learn more about these engines? Industrial Equipment News has the full story.

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Head Back To School With These Manufacturing And Supply Chain Online Courses

The manufacturing and supply-chain industry is going through a tranformation, with concepts like IoT, additive manufacturing and e-commerce quickly advancing the industry. With these new technologies come new skills that manufacturers and supply chain professionals need to learn.

Fortunately, many manufacturers and supply chain professionals can refresh their skill set from the convenience of their own homes with online courses. Whatever your career goals are, there are online course options to help you along your career path.

Below are a few manufacturing and supply chain courses to help elevate your career:  

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Finding The Right Contract Manufacturer: Single- Versus Multi-Station Production Processes

It seems logical that when developing a product with multiple process requirements, you would search for multi-station equipment, and single-station equipment for a one-process operation. However, this common screening process can actually yield less than optimal results.

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