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Video: Top 10 New Fabricating Technologies - Part 1

If you are interested in the latest trends in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing, you've probably heard of Fabtech, the annual conference that celebrates the strength of manufacturing.

If you weren't able to head to Vegas to see the show in person, no worries. Our friends at Industrial Equipment News have a recap of the top 10 trends they saw at the conference.

Check out the first five on their list: 

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Is This Digital Marketing Approach The Secret To Connecting With More Buyers?

For many manufacturers and industrial companies, there’s no such thing as an “impulse” sale. That’s because the industrial buying cycle is a lengthy one, driven by a supplier evaluation and selection process that can take months or longer.

That’s why it is so important for manufacturers and industrial suppliers to stay top of mind with their prospects. Unfortunately, many companies fall short in their marketing efforts, focusing on metrics that don’t really matter in the industrial space (such as clicks and page views) when they should be focused on connecting with their best prospects where and when they are ready to become customers.

A strategic, industrial-focused digital retargeting program can be the solution.

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Video: Exoskeleton Technology Becomes A Reality For Industrial Workers

Mixing man with machine is now a reality thanks to the suitXa California-based robotics company. After five years of development, the company unveiled a Modular Agile Exoskeleton, or MAX, that can improve worker productivity and limit exposure to long-term health risks. MAX consists of three modules, backX, shoulderX, and legX, which are now available for purchase.

Interested in learning more about MAX? Find out more from our partner Industrial Equipment News

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Easing The Supplier Transition Process Through Dual Sourcing

Bringing in a new supplier can be a challenge for any organization. However, adopting a dual sourcing strategy could make the process a lot more efficient and effective.  

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Why Mentorship Matters In Supply Chain … And How To Maximize It

Most people understand the value of finding a mentor. For young people or those new to an industry, a mentor can provide inspiration, guidance, a roadmap for success and the ability to expand their professional network.

However, being a mentor also offers several significant benefits for the mentors themselves and the organizations in which they work. That’s why it’s so important for experienced workers to become effective mentors.

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Three Logistics Lessons Black Friday Can Teach Manufacturers And The Supply Chain

The shopping frenzy known as Black Friday is almost here, and while you will probably see lots of stories about long lines and huge crowds tussling over the latest toys, there is another story taking place behind the scenes – one of careful planning, lots of moving parts and plenty of risk. It’s a story of logistics.

The fact is that Black Friday is one of the biggest logistical challenges for retailers and their supply chains. Many companies spend all year analyzing data and building inventories to prepare for the holiday rush. And the stakes are incredibly high –  one mishap can throw off a company’s entire supply chain, leading to a major loss in sales for the day and the rest of the year.

While most B2B manufacturers, industrial companies and procurement teams aren’t directly impacted by Black Friday, there are certainly lessons to be learned from the retail world that can help improve efficiency, reduce risks and optimize their supply chains. Here are three of them:

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Video: Snakebots Could Be The Key To Safer Surgeries

The concept of snakebots is not new. These modular robots, which are comprised of connected-but-independent parts, are able to manipulate their shape according to their surroundings. This is extremely helpful for projects that require a closer view of areas that may be difficult to access or dangerous to enter. But Nabil Simaan, Vanderbilt University bioengineering professor, now wants to use the technology to make surgeries safer.

Interested in learning how this technology would work in the OR? Find out more from our partner Industrial Equipment News

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Manufacturing Industry Jobs Update: October 2016

At, we are big champions of American manufacturing and reshoring. In fact, we work with suppliers who produce amazing products made in America every day, and we play an instrumental role in helping small- and medium-sized suppliers grow.

But how can we measure growth for the industry overall? A good barometer is the state of the manufacturing workforce. That’s why we will be regularly diving deep into the latest information from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics to take the pulse of hiring in the industry and to highlight sectors that are growing.

Here is our Manufacturing Industry Jobs Update for October 2016 (scroll down for previous releases):

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A Veteran's Manufacturing Story

Over the next five years, one million service men and women will transition out of the military and into civilian life. So this Veterans Day, we should not only thank veterans for their service and dedication; we should also show our appreciation by making their transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

Seventy-one years ago, Richard McCarthy was in the middle of such a transition. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, the 21-year-old veteran headed back home to Pennsylvania, eager to start the next phase of his life. He not only did that; he started a career, a business, and a legacy for his family.  

Here is his story.

Click here to share yours, or post in the comments section. 

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