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Christina is a Digital Content Marketing Associate at You can find her writing about manufacturing, supply chain and technology on Tom's Blog or trying to score tickets to Hamilton.

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A New Platform Will Strengthen The Health Care Supply Chain

While building a strong and risk-free supply chain is essential for buyers in all industries, when it comes to health care, the stakes couldn't be higher. Even the slightest hiccup can lead to a catastrophic loss of human life. That's why the United Nations World Food Programme and NEC Corporation joined together to help streamline and strengthen the supply chain. 

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This Robot Will Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Five Minutes

Doing the laundry may get a little bit easier thanks to inventor Gal Rozov. After six years of hard work, he created the FoldiMate, a robot that can fold, soften and even infuse fragrance into your newly washed clothes. 

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Introducing The 2016 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars

At, we understand the vital role that supply chain professionals play in the success of their businesses and today's economy. We also want to raise awareness of the profession to ensure that it's is in good hands for years to come.

That's why we partnered with the Institute for Supply Management to create the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star Program. The program recognizes young professionals making an impact on the supply chain industry. This year, for the first time ever, our search for the most accomplished young supply chain professionals went global, and we received nominations from all around the world. 

Want to meet the winners? Click through the slides below.  

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Video: Electric Motorcycles Are Hitting The Road

Electric cars are more popular than ever and now, with the help from the motorcycle maker Polaris, electric motorcycles will be hitting the road, too. Polaris recently announced the revitalization of their legendary Indian brand with an electric bike set for production in 2020. 

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Self-Driving Cars Head To The Race Track

From Tesla to Google, organizations have been working hard to make self-driving cars a reality on major roads and highways. Now with the help from the company Roborace, these autonomous cars are heading to the race track with the world's first driverless race car.  

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Advice From Women Leaders In Manufacturing

There are many organizations working to bring more women into the manufacturing field. And while these efforts are making an impact on the makeup of the manufacturing workforce overall, the C-suite has not seen much of a change. According to a recent survey of women working in manufacturingwomen believe they are underrepresented in their organizations' leadership teams. 

Fortunately, there are already a few women who are making their mark as leaders in their manufacturing organizations. We spoke with two of them: Natalie Menke, president of Universal Blower Pac; and Paige D Bowen, President of Seelye Acquisitions, Inc., to get their insights on leading the way in manufacturing organizations and their advice for women looking to move into leadership roles. 

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3D-Printed Modular Satellites Are In The Works

Although it only takes Boeing 11 days to build a 737, it takes the company much longer to build a satellite. In fact, less than 10 satellites are made a year using their customized manual assembly practices. So what can be done to combat the issue? The answer lies in a solution many manufacturers and engineers are turning to 3D printing.

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Video: Flying Taxis Will Take To The Skies This Summer

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... a flying taxi? If you are in Dubai this summer, there's a chance you may see one in flight.

Flying cars have been on the minds of researchers and engineers for years as a means of alleviating traffic and congestion in cities. Recently, Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency brought that concept one step closer to reality. The agency announced that, starting July 2017, the Ehang 184 drone will be able to carry people and fly them to their destinations. 

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Women In Manufacturing — Q&A With Sheila LaMothe

We sat down with Sheila LaMothe, a board member of WiM, to learn more about the organization's initiatives. Read on to find out how WiM is working towards building a stronger community for women in the manufacturing industry.  With more than 500 members, Women in Manufacturing (WiM) is dedicated to closing this gap by supporting, promoting and inspiring women who pursue or chose a career in the manufacturing industry.

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