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30 Industrial Lead Generation Tips, Tricks And Ideas

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4 Tips For Creating Irresistible Industrial Lead Generation Offers

To make sales, you need to generate leads. Generating leads in today’s industrial business-to-business (B2B) market necessitates a digital approach, as more and more industrial buyers are choosing to educate themselves and make purchases online, as opposed to talking to sales representatives.

With an inbound marketing strategy, you can position yourself to catch that internet traffic and convert faceless users into valuable leads. It’s not enough to simply have a strategy, though — you need to have a good one, and each of its many components must be optimized for your audience.

Here are four tips to boost your content offerings and elevate them to irresistible lead generation machines.

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5 Simple & Effective Industrial Lead Generation Tips

The internet is, increasingly, the place that things happen. Socializing, news, sales. Yes, even in industrial sectors — as the median age of engineers, design engineers, and facility and plant managers decreases, their use of the internet to find the parts, products, and services they need increases. 

To stay competitive, not to mention solvent, you need to tap into the digital realm for your lead generation. Not only is the venue different, but the methods must be as well. Passive methods no longer work — you can’t publish a website and wait for leads to roll in. You must be proactive, seeking and courting leads instead.

Lead generation was tough to begin with, and the evolving digital sales and marketing landscapes make it even more so. Luckily, there are a number of industrial lead generation tips you can use to kick start your efforts and get the ball rolling.

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4 Keys to Creating Content That Converts

In our last post, The Pitfalls of Engagement, we discussed some basic storytelling techniques and what kinds of topics to avoid. Building off of those ideas, we co-hosted a webinar with that went deeper into the details of who you should be targeting and how to do so. Here, we’ve highlighted the top four tips discussed in the webinar.

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Growing Your Manufacturing Business: Converting Traffic Into Leads

In our last post, we discussed how to supercharge your website to attract more traffic. But what should you do with all of that traffic once you have it? This week, we addressed the next steps via an online webinar, and today I’ll be recapping some of the main concepts from that presentation.

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Want More Leads? Start by Boosting Your Website Traffic

We all want more business opportunities, right? Even if you run a small manufacturing shop with a few big customers, it’s a good idea to have a steady supply of new prospects coming in – just in case. But how can you get their attention?

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Inbound Marketing Case Study: How One Manufacturer Increased Leads by 285%

If you were to ask any business leader what their main goals for their company are, a majority would focus on increasing sales and leads. In fact, even if they mentioned other goals, such as improving website performance and SEO, or redesigning a website for better user experience – the main objective behind these actions is to get more people onto the site, ideally leading to more sales.

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How Do I Get More Leads For My Sales Team?

The sales team needs more new leads. There’s no way around it. They’ve exhausted their existing relationships, and the lists you’ve bought for cold calling aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. The magazine ads aren’t working, and the tradeshow traffic has dried up. You’re really trying to get the website going, but you’ve hit a wall. You’re converting about 1-3% of your existing website traffic to leads, but this isn’t enough to keep the team busy and revenue growing. Sound familiar?

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Q. You work routinely with custom manufacturers and die casters in particular. What are their biggest challenges?

 A. We all know that the die casting business has its challenges, but the companies that we talk with are ready for new strategies to overcome the hurdles they face.

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.