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Five Skills That Will Lead To Supply Chain Success In The New Year

Far from slowing down, the pace of change in the supply management profession continues to accelerate. It’s critical for supply managers and for the survival of the profession itself that practitioners continually update their skill-sets to avoid being left behind. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are – if you let your capabilities fall behind while the profession continually reinvents itself, you might as well hand in your resignation today.

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Industrial Buying Trends for 2016

So you want that $1,000,000 deal, right?

Your company's website is a conversion machine — you're doing SEO, PPC and email nurturing, and you're following all the inbound marketing best practices. Months go by, and you're seeing some really great prospects come through. You get a fair amount $10,000 or $50,000 contracts, but you're still searching for that dream contract that's going to pay for your kids' college.

Well, hate to be the one to tell you this, but you have about a 0.8% chance of getting that big million-dollar contract from a first-time customer. Think about your own business — do you give out big contracts to people you've never worked with before? Nope. You want someone you've vetted with a few smaller projects before you trust them with more of your business, and your customers are no different.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

How Will Wearables Change Manufacturing?

It’s 2020. You’re looking out onto the shop floor, and everything seems normal.

Machines are running, people are working, widgets are being made and parts are being welded. There is just one thing that’s different from the shop floors of days past: wearables.

The days when having a computer on the shop floor to view CAD files meant your shop was cutting edge are way behind us, and we're looking ahead at future technology. Wearables are a hot topic for the consumer space, but the next wave of cutting-edge shops will surely incorporate them as well.

Let's take a deeper look at how this technology has changed our industry — and will continue to.

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