Wisconsin Industrial/B2B Buying Trends

If you are a manufacturer or industrial supplier that serves the Wisconsin area, wouldn't it be great to know what buyers in your region are looking for? This way, instead of anticipating their needs, you can be meeting their needs — and winning their business.

Thomas recently examined buyer behavior data generated on Thomasnet.com to uncover supply chain trends in Wisconsin. If you provide industrial products or services in Madison, Green Bay, Eau Claire, or other cities within the state, this information could prove pivotal in connecting with more buyers. 

How We Get Our Data



Top 10 Products Or Services Sourced In Wisconsin

When industrial/B2B buyers in Wisconsin visited Thomasnet.com over the last 12 weeks, these were the products and services that they searched for the most:

Top 10 Products/Services Sourced In Wisconsin
  1. Contractors: Sewing
  2. Robotic Systems Integrators
  3. Plastics: Injection Molded*
  4. Food Products*
  5. Systems Integrators: Industrial Automation
  6. Boxes: Corrugated
  7. Heat Treating Services
  8. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)*
  9. Packaging: Contract (Bottle Filling)
  10. Warehouse & Distribution Services

*Top 10 Products & Services Sourced Across North America

Find Out How Wisconsin Sourcing Activity Stack Up To National Trends?

Want to take a deeper dive into the buying trends shaping the supply chain across the country and within Wisconsin? Download our free report  Wisconsin Industrial Buying Trends — to uncover:

  • Which products and services have seen demand grow the most over the past year
  • The products and services that are surging right now
  • National sourcing trends that are influencing the local supply chain
  • And more

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