Florida Industrial/B2B Buying Trends

What are the most in-demand industrial products and services in Florida? What are buyers based in the state looking for when searching for new suppliers? And how do local supply chain trends stack up against buying behavior nationwide?

To find out, we took a comprehensive look at the buyer behavior data generated on Thomasnet.com to uncover supply chain trends in Florida.

If you are a manufacturing company located in Florida, or if you provide products or services to companies Daytona, Tampa, Jacksonville, or anywhere else across the Sunshine State, this data can help you better connect with new buyers and put your company in position to grow. 

How We Get Our Data

Top 10 Products Or Services Sourced In Florida

When industrial/B2B buyers visited Thomasnet.com over the last 12 weeks, these were the products and services that they searched for the most:

Thomas Florida Buying Trends
  1. Contractors: Sewing
  2. Supplements: Dietary, Food, Health, Herbal & Nutritional
  3. Janitorial Equipment & Supplies
  4. Plastics: Injection Molded*
  5. Contract Manufacturing: Electronic
  6. Boxes: Corrugated*
  7. Fertilizers
  8. Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)*
  9. Machinery: Packaging
  10. Clothing: Custom, Special, Private Label & Contract Manufactured

*Bold categories are also among the Top 10 Products/Services Sourced In North America.

How Does Florida Sourcing Activity Stack Up To National Trends?

Just three of the top 10 most in-demand products and services being sourced in Florida are also among the top 10 most in-demand products and services being sourced nationwide. These categories — Injection-Molded Plastics, Corrugated Boxes, and Printed Circuit Boards — may seem like crowded verticals when looking across the country. However, the data shows that there is enough buying activity, both within and beyond Florida, to go around. Ramping up your digital marketing activity via PPC ads and video promotion can help you take advantage of the demand and convert in-market buyers into customers.

The other seven categories on the list represent unique opportunities for local suppliers. In particular, the volume of buying activity for sewing manufacturers, contract manufactured clothing, and supplements, should be eye opening. If you offer these products or services, now is the time to get in front of these buyers by listing your business on the platform.

Learn More About Sourcing Activity In Florida

Want to take a deeper dive into the buying trends shaping Florida's supply chain? Download our free report  Florida Industrial Buying Trends — to uncover:

  • Which products and services have seen demand grow the most over the past year
  • The products and services that are surging right now
  • National sourcing trends that are influencing the local supply chain
  • And more

Florida Industrial Buying Trends

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