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This Next Algorithm Change Will Impact Your Revenue

Did you recently get a message from Google Webmaster Tools recently about your website?  

It means that unless you fix your site you will most likely wake up one day and find it removed from mobile search results on Google. I work with many industrial service and manufacturing companies that garner as much as 30% of their overall traffic from mobile. Losing this traffic can have very real implications to your sales team and your bottom line. 

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Why Aren’t Your Site Visitors Submitting RFQs?

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if qualified visitors were coming to your website, but few, if any, of them were actually converting to leads? If you’re not providing the right information that buyers are looking for, you may be in that very situation without even knowing it — after all, no one’s sticking around to waste time telling you why they’re leaving.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Six Reasons You Need Responsive Design On Your Website

We talked a few weeks ago about some first steps toward optimizing your website for mobile devices — and responsive design is a great start. Need a refresher? Think of responsive design this way: imagine if movies were only available in the original dimensions they played in at the theater. Whether you later watched it on the flatscreen in your living room, a smaller set in your bedroom, or on your iPad, it only came in that one, giant size.

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Social Media

Marketing on the Move: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Strategy

Are you still unsure if you need a mobile strategy?

Let’s look at some numbers: 91% of all American adults own a cell phone, and 55% have a smartphone. 63% of U.S. smartphone users use their device to access the internet – and 34% of them get online primarily via mobile. Worldwide? There are 1.2 billion people getting online through their phones. And if you thought the first digital revolution happened quickly, buckle up: mobile web adoption is occurring eight times faster.

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Website Design

How a Robust, Interactive Website Can Improve Business Operations

For the past few weeks, a “quality website” has been the core of our articles. We'’ve emphasized how websites can help product manufacturers reach the right audience and engage prospects.

These reasons alone are essential for having a quality website, but one aspect that most manufacturers do not consider is that a robust, interactive website can improve business operations. Here'’s how.

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