I Need More Traffic Quickly! Two Tactics to Defend Your Business From “Mobilegeddon”

By this time you’ve reviewed your website to see if your business will be impacted by Google’s “Mobilegeddon,” and if you haven’t, stop everything and read this.

What if you don’t update your site in time? You need to have a plan to shore up that potential for lost traffic and conversions.


Here are two quick ways to combat the impact of being dropped from the mobile search results:

Email Marketing

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” If you have never used email marketing before, now is the time to organize that list of customers, prospects and lost quote opportunities.

  • Organize your data in a spreadsheet and then clean the list using a tool like BrightVerify. This will remove any emails that are no longer functioning and reduce your hard bounce rate.
  • Craft some campaigns focusing on your most valuable content. Your list is ice cold and you don’t have time to warm it up. Put your best foot forward right out of the gate and be as helpful as you can.

Remember: You are not here to spam, you want to offer help to those that have worked with you or considered you a viable alternative in the past. If you are already utilizing email marketing, time to step on the gas!


This is an interesting option, in that you can setup your Google Adwords account to target traffic not only from desktop users — but specifically from the mobile users with whom you’ll be losing that critical exposure. If you know which terms are driving valuable traffic through mobile searches for your business, you can target just those terms. This will help maintain a modest spend limit while generating more of those important conversion opportunities.

These are two “If This Then That” tactics you can use to generate traffic and leads if you believe you will be impacted by the impending Google algorithm changes around mobile search results. If you’d like to learn more about how to get started, contact us today.

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