How Do I Get More Leads For My Sales Team?

The sales team needs more new leads. There’s no way around it. They’ve exhausted their existing relationships, and the lists you’ve bought for cold calling aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. The magazine ads aren’t working, and the tradeshow traffic has dried up. You’re really trying to get the website going, but you’ve hit a wall. You’re converting about 1-3% of your existing website traffic to leads, but this isn’t enough to keep the team busy and revenue growing. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry — you can do this. Take a look at your existing website traffic. It’s chock full of fresh new leads for your sales team, but you need to know how to unlock the potential.

Let’s talk about those user sessions on your website. Users don’t come to our manufacturing and industrial websites to daydream. While you may spend a half hour on the Dodge website building out a RAM 1500 and vowing to buy that truck when your lottery ticket hits, sadly no one dreams in the same way about our products or services. The good news is that all of the traffic to your website represents a viable business opportunity — they’re just at different stages of the buying cycle.


Inbound marketing is all about engaging these potential customers at every stage of the sourcing journey and helping them along with valuable content. The ThomasNet RPM team has deployed the approach for a wide array of customers, and the results are staggering. On average we have increased marketing qualified and sales ready leads by 293% for our inbound marketing services customers. (Yeah, that wasn’t a typo — 293%! BOOM.)

Today’s the day to change your business forever. With this approach you can silence the cries from the sales department for more leads and enjoy the sound of dialing phones and sales calls.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you turbo-charge your lead generation process contact us to get started.

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