7 Manufacturing Newsletters To Subscribe To Today

Most of us are already bombarded with sales notifications, internal back-and-forths, and did-I-really-sign-up-for-this marketing emails in our inboxes.

But with the global supply chain challenges, shipping and logistics management, and local community engagement, it's important to stay up to date on what's happening in the industry to continue to grow your business.

And email newsletters make it easy to do so.

There are plenty of trade and niche business publications you can seek out, but we've put together a list of broad market industry and manufacturing newsletters to help you stay in the loop — check them out below.

Top Email Newsletters For Manufacturing

1. Thomas Industry Update

This free daily newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest industrial innovations, news, and technology. This resource is designed to help manufacturers and industrial companies grow their businesses. Sign up for TIU here!

2. Inbound Logistics

With a focus on logistics, each month this publication sends the latest in transportation, shipping, and global market news.

You can get familiar with past newsletter issues and get on the list here.

3. WSJ Logistics Report

From the Wall Street Journal, this is your source for global movement in all aspects of logistics.

It’s always good to be in the loop for those conversations with buyers and potential customers — plus, don’t you want to know how reshoring and supply chain are faring?

4. HubSpot

When you subscribe to HubSpot’s blog, you can get weekly updates on sales and marketing tactics. HubSpot's blog has many takeaways relevant for B2B companies.

From SEO tips and website updates to sales email and cold-calling suggestions, there’s plenty of content to keep your team up to date and be better marketers to reach more buyers.

5. IndustryWeek's Weekly Hotlist

IndustryWeek has a number of email lists you can get your name on, but we recommend you start with the Weekly Hotlist.

It’s a simple, friendly way to get a look at the top coverage from this publication in one swoop. 

6. The Moz Top 10

You’ve likely read Moz's SEO tips to help increase your website traffic — but did you know they have a semi-monthly newsletter dedicated to finding the top SEO and online marketing articles?

Get a look at the top 10 news nuggets from the Moz team here. (You can also learn more about how marketing drives growth for manufacturers and industrial companies from us.)

7. Today In Manufacturing

This daily newsletter from Manufacturing.net brings updates on all that touches manufacturing — government, acquisitions, sustainability, military, automotive, fuel, air quality, technology, aerospace and more — for a comprehensive look at the industry each day.

Sign up here.

Connect With More Buyers In Email Newsletters

The millennial generation is the fastest-growing segment of registered users on Thomasnet.com leveraging the platform to source products and supply chain partners.

Our list of manufacturing newsletters to subscribe to will help you learn the tips and trends to grow your business and be a better marketer to reach those buyers.

What's an action item you can do right now to reach those millennial buyers? Take the next 30 seconds to get started for free on the Thomas Network and connect with buyers who are searching for your products and services.

"We started our internet marketing with Thomas at the suggestion of our largest customer, Boeing," said an executive at Tiodize. "They assured me that Thomas was where their engineers went first to find information on suppliers. Our sales have gone up exponentially. Because we manufacture and sell specialty coatings and composites, we are always looking for ways to be in front of decision-makers when they need our products. Thomas is an efficient and effective way for us to do that. We have added customers every year and increased our sale per customer at the same time." 

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