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Paid Advertising

5 Ways to Boost Traffic for Under $500

A metal fabricator has big news — they’ve just completed a partnership that will allow them to offer more manufacturing services at a better quality and a lower rate. 

This is a great opportunity for distributors and future prospects, so the business does everything right — writes a blog, posts content to social media, and updates their website’s homepage with the announcement.

The traffic comes — but not at the quantity the company was hoping for. What went wrong?

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4 Reasons You’re Not Ranking on Page 1 in Google

Every business has different products and services, but they share the same marketing goal: to rank on Page 1 in Google.

So if you don’t see top spots for your business in organic searches, it can be frustrating — especially since Google will never reveal its search algorithm’s secret sauce. This algorithm contains more than 200 unique signals that factor into your website’s ranking.

Luckily, Google has shared clues to the algorithm signals in its own publications for SEO and marketing experts to leverage. Sharing these clues ensures a better Internet experience for all Google users and allows marketing agencies like RPM to develop content and website structuring strategies that deliver higher organic ranking performances.

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Website Design

Easy Website Design Tips That Increase Clicks

Studies show that we have less than 15 seconds to leave a good first impression with our website visitors.

If your website’s headline, call-to-action, or even its color scheme doesn’t hit all the right notes, your prospects will simply find a website that does — which, unfortunately, could be your competitor’s.

While you may rely on your products or services to close the sale, you need to employ a website design that leads prospects to the beginning of that sales journey. Below are some effective and easy website design tips to begin leveraging to increase clicks and (ultimately) sales.

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