Tips for Designing a Homepage that Converts

The importance of homepage design cannot be overstated.

It is, in most cases, the first page website visitors see, and consequently the determining factor of whether visitors will stay on the site, explore additional pages, and become a lead by submitting a form. It can be fun to design a homepage, but it’s also critically important to lead generation.

Brilliant homepage designs can be found across all industries: entertainment, food and drink, nonprofit, software and technology, ecommerce and retail, and manufacturing. Some characteristics are a surefire way to make sure that your homepage converts:

Parallax scrolling (also known as parallax design)

Example: Coin

HubSpot defines this as the condition in which background elements move at different speeds from foreground elements as a visitors scrolls down a page. It creates a sense of depth and enhances user experience.

Coin_1.pngcoin_2.png coin_3.png

Hover state

Example: Cyclonaire

This is when a button or other clickable element on a page changes in appearance or behavior when it’s hovered over with a cursor.


Grid layout

Example: Pure Fix

A grid layout provides an organized format for your visitors, who will be enticed to explore deeper into the site because of the welcoming and easy-to-navigate layout.


Design consistency

Example: Public Art Fund

When there are inconsistencies in design, there’s an inverse correlation with user experience.

A benefit of being consistent with your design through CTA colors is that you're training the user throughout their time on the site for elements to look at, and teaching them that these colors are buttons. 


Interesting typography

Example: Lighthouse Brewing Company

To see small, Times New Roman font on a page personally makes me think that the website hasn’t been updated in years, even if it has. By now, web designers know that people are interested in the superficial aspects of a website’s home page. And these “superficial” aspects are actually more meaningful than one may think.

Including interesting and visually appealing typography will increase user experience. Subconsciously, visitors will want to further explore the site and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts when they convert.


Final Thoughts

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