The Must-Haves On Your Industrial Company's About Us Page

An inbound marketing strategy needs to provide compelling copy on your website to persuade an action from your audience. A perfect place to do so is on your company's About Us page. This is where you share your story — what makes your business unique, trustworthy, and valuable as a partner. The About Us page should be easy to navigate with informative, useful, and overall engaging content — but too often, this page reads like an afterthought.

The following tips share key information that your About Us page should contain to compliment your inbound marketing strategy successfully. Plus, we'll take a peek at a few industrial companies who have this About Us page thing nailed down and gain some insight from their examples.

The Must-Haves On Your Company's About Us Page

What To Include On Your About Us Page

While most pages on an industrial company’s website are dedicated to promoting products and services, the About Us page is the place to promote the business behind them. Share your brand's identity and what sets your industrial business apart from the rest.

Company Credentials

In the manufacturing industry, your credentials are critical. Potential customers look for specific credentials to ensure quality and value from your products and services and your company itself. Your industrial business’s About Us page is the right place to share this important information.

When including your business’s credentials, be sure to include the following:

  • ISO Certifications: List the specific ISO certifications your company holds. Be sure to follow all ISO promotional rules when publicizing your ISO certifications. You cannot modify ISO’s logo for your business’s use and request permission from the organization to use this logo. There are specific ways a business must refer to their ISO certifications and how you represent them.
  • Business Status: Does your business hold diverse or small business status? If so, list it here.
  • Quality Information: Describe your business’s quality policies and processes so your audience recognizes this commitment.

A Brief History

The About Us page is the right location to share your industrial company’s history. It is easy to get carried away and share more detail than necessary, especially for businesses with a lengthy history. Keep your company history section short and sweet filled with the most important information.

Your brief company history should include:

  • The year your business was founded
  • The company’s mission statement
  • Key personnel, including the President, CEO, and Founder

Consider sharing a brief biography of your company’s leadership. Doing so shares the people behind the business and helps personalize your company to your audience. Keep these bios brief and include information relevant to the business, such as the person’s related experience and credentials.

Facility Information

The details of an industrial business’s facilities help make a particular business stand out amongst competitors. Highlight your facility information on the About Us page with the following key information:

  • Facility location(s)
  • Capabilities
  • High-level products and services

While your main service or product pages are where the in-depth information is provided, use your About Us page to remind your audience what your company does and offers at a high level.

Use Video Marketing Content

Whether you want to display a company overview video or a video tour that takes a deeper dive into your facility, industrial video content can make a great addition to your website's about us page.

Marketing and sales require great storytelling and including multimedia elements on your about us page can further engage your site visitors so that text alone sometimes can't. 

Here are the benefits of including video:

  • Video engages people and will keep potential buyers on your website longer
  • Showing your team, products and facility in a video creates trust between you and potential buyers more quickly
  • Video can communicate more clearly than text, especially when sometimes promoting complex products and services

6 Industrial Manufacturing About Us Page Examples We Love

Now that you know what a good industrial business About Us page includes, take a look at a few examples of industrial companies who do it right:

TexTech Industries

TexTech Industries is a textile manufacturer that specializes in wolven felts. With an outstanding red RFQ call-to-action at the top of the About Us page, and a popup button when users scroll down 50% of the page, these design elements set the manufacturer up for increased sales.

The textile company also included a video on it's about us page that provides a company overview and also highlights different selling propositions like certifications like ISO 9001:2015. 

View more examples of custom manufacturer factory tours.

Agile Magnetics

Agile Magnetics manufactures custom-designed electromagnetics like high-frequency power assemblies, custom coils, and more.

The manufacturer enhances its About Us page with video content to illustrate their story. They've also included an outstanding, brand colored CTA to download a free resource and assists in lead generation efforts.

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The Rodon Group

The Rodon Group provides custom injection molding solutions. The injection molder incorporates many best practices on its About Us page by including a company overview and history, video, downloadable resources, and certifications.

The group boldly displays association memberships to build credibility with their audience. The company actively engages its audience to pursue the website further through related blog links.

Rodon Group About Us Page

Sigma Thermal

Sigma Thermal designs engineers, supplies, and services process heating systems like biomass-fired energy systems, retrofits, and more.

Sigma details what sets their facility apart from competitors. As a global manufacturer with shops in both North and South America, Sigma provides detailed information about its facilities while also displaying information about its offices in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. 

Sigma Thermal does a great job of showcasing educational content for site visitors and potential buyers with an engaging "Resources Center" module at the bottom of its About Us page. Showcasing technical videos, brochures, and eBooks boosts lead generation and positions Sigma Thermal as a thought leader in the industry.

Sigma Thermal About Us Page-1

APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal is a milling, mixing and molding company with an About Us page that focuses on reshoring manufacturing back to the United States. This page reads more like a blog that outlines the benefits of manufacturing in America and its pride in elevating the American economy and job industry.

APM Hexseal About Us page

Robert McKeown Company Inc.

Robert McKeown Company, Inc. is a fabricating distributor for electronics material. Again we see another great example of using video on an About Us page. Robert McKeown utilizes video to go over a brief company history, provide unique selling propositions like "being the second oldest converter of electrical grade tapes on the eastern seaboard." The video explains the fabricator's products and services that educate viewers about the industry and position them as an expert.

Including multimedia elements not only retains visitors on your site page, but benefits your website in terms of search engine optimization. Engaging your audience visually and audibly will help your potential buyers focus on the message you'd like to share with them. View the video below for inspiration!


Upgrade Your About Us Page For Your Manufacturing Company

Creating your manufacturing company's About Us page doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Think about what makes your company stand out this key information helps you craft compelling content to include. To start, feature your company’s credentials, history, and facility to give your audience a better picture of what your business is all about.

And good news! All the elements of a strong About Us page can be listed as part of your Thomas company profile to help buyers easily find your business.

Want to learn some more website design tips that can help guide your visitors? Download our eBook, “The 25 Must-Haves On Your Industrial Website.” Included with the eBook are our favorite website designs for manufacturing companies that get more leads. Need a new website design right now? Contact our team! We've designed and built thousands of websites for OEMs, industrial companies, and distributors. 

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