5 Ways to Boost Traffic for Under $500

A metal fabricator has big news — they’ve just completed a partnership that will allow them to offer more manufacturing services at a better quality and a lower rate. 

This is a great opportunity for distributors and future prospects, so the business does everything right — writes a blog, posts content to social media, and updates their website’s homepage with the announcement.

The traffic comes — but not at the quantity the company was hoping for. What went wrong?

1. For Instant Traffic, Add to the Status Quo

Major announcements like a partnership, new product, or a big seasonal sale shouldn’t be left to the marketing status quo. Blogs, SEO, and social media marketing are extremely valuable marketing strategies, but they deliver consistent, long-term traffic for your website, not quick wins. As you probably know, a page one result on Google doesn’t happen right away.

"If the proper steps are taken, a little extra money can go a long way."

If you want a quick traffic burst, you need to bring your marketing campaign outside the box. Luckily, there are several cost-effective tactics that can complement your ongoing strategy and get you instant traffic during the short period you need it. This is where paid marketing comes in — and if the proper steps are taken, a little extra money can go a long way.

2. Native Advertising: Give Your Content the Boost It Needs

The days of pop-up ads are long gone. Consumers don’t want an ad flashing in their face — they want to be able to choose the content they read and watch.

Enter native advertising, a new form of advertising that’s taking over the online media landscape. Native advertising is media that looks like another informative article or video on a publication, but is actually paid for by a third party.

The reason for native advertising’s success: the content is compelling and relevant to the publication’s audience. Native advertisements don’t try to disrupt the consumer’s experience — they blend in with its surrounding content and contain helpful, informative, or interesting information.

The best news about native advertisements: nearly every online publication is catching on. Even websites with niche audiences such as ENGINEERING.com accept offers for native ads, so our metal stamper doesn’t have to worry about paying for irrelevant clicks from prospects outside its target.

Unlike a pay-per-click ad, native ads are not limited by characters — nor do they have an expiration date. You’ll have the freedom to write long-form content that lives indefinitely on the publication, providing SEO value to your website over the long term.

Getting Started
The first step to launching a native ad campaign is finding a publication with your target audience. Make sure that it fits your industry of focus, as well as your targeted persona. Our metal stamper may decide that while an engineering publication has plenty of news about metal stamping, it doesn’t resonate with the distributors or procurement managers that it’s trying to attract.

Not sure if native advertising is the best approach? Check out additional marketing tactics that drive instant traffic in Thomas’s eBook, 5 Ways to Boost Traffic for Under $500. The eBook explores proven methods for bringing traffic to your website that fit inside your existing marketing plan (and budget).

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