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Industrial marketing and manufacturing sales tips to help you grow your business.

Rebecca Benison

Rebecca Benison is the Marketing Specialist at ThomasNet RPM, promoting the company and developing our digital audience across each social network. In addition to social media management, her background includes public relations experience, content writing, and general marketing strategy.

Author's Recent Posts

6 Things NOT To Post On Social Media

The industrial space poses many unique challenges and opportunities for marketers. In manufacturing companies comprising just a handful of employees, there’s often very little time or budget left for a full time social media manager. This leaves us with two options — contracting out social media services to an outside firm or enlisting the help of current employees to take some time out during the day to manage the social media accounts.

In many cases, hiring an industrial social media marketing firm is the right choice. Your employees can focus on their primary responsibilities, and you can rest assured that your social media profiles are being managed by industry pros.

That being said, if hiring a social media service provider just isn’t in the cards, creating a presence on your own is still better than not having one at all. However, always make sure you’re following best practices before diving in head-first.

Having managed social media accounts in the industrial space for a number of years now, I’ve come across many types of content NOT to post. Below, I’ve pulled together a round-up of the top items to avoid.

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How to Screw Up Your Email Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

Here we’ve outlined some common mistakes that can easily derail your email marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for ROI from email marketing, don’t follow these steps.

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5 Can’t-Miss Marketing Videos, Advertisements

With so many advertisements flooding our screens, it's tough to keep track of the ones worth rewatching. Since 2016 is still just getting started, we thought it was important to take a look at what has been successful in the past year, and one word comes to mind: emotional.

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Is Twitter Worth it for Industrial Companies?

This might be a question you’ve wondered yourself — do you really need to invest time and money into social media? Are any of your customers or associates even online, anyway?

The answer to these questions is a definite YES. Your customers are online, and they’re eager to connect.

Even if you’ve set up a Twitter account, that doesn’t mean it will automatically be seen by the right people. Building up a strong following takes time, effort, and more than anything else — strategy.

So, where should you start?

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Trade Show

It’s that time.

You’re registering for conferences and figuring out which ones will be worth exhibiting at. Crunch time has arrived and there are a lot of decisions to be made in a short window of time.

To make this the most productive trade show season ever, here are some tips to make the shows work for you while you’re workin’ the shows.

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5 Promotional Products People Actually Want

Trade show season will be here before you know it, making now the perfect time to begin strategizing your plan of attack! The goal? Getting people to your trade show booth. The challenge? Getting people to your trade show booth.

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The Current State of Wearables in the Medical Industry

You’d be hard pressed to find someone today who isn’t wearing some form of technology. Think you’re bucking the trend? Go ahead and check the time – because even if you don’t have a smartphone in your hand, you probably have a watch on your wrist.

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STEM Programs Gaining Support Throughout the Nation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about the skills gap impacting industrial companies  and the push for more STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programs to close the gap.

But it’s one thing to recommend more STEM programs — it’s another thing to actually bring them to life in the classroom.

While there are always challenges when it comes to the adoption of new curricula, it’s clear that around the country, leaders are putting their money where their mouths are.

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Your Potential Customers Are on Twitter — So Where Are You?

In the industrial space, part of the hesitation that comes along with the social media arm of an in-depth digital marketing strategy is the belief that it’s ineffective in reaching buyers. “Does anyone actually use Twitter?” is a common question. The answer to which is a resounding, “Yes!”

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.