Your Potential Customers Are on Twitter — So Where Are You?

In the industrial space, part of the hesitation that comes along with the social media arm of an in-depth digital marketing strategy is the belief that it’s ineffective in reaching buyers. “Does anyone actually use Twitter?” is a common question. The answer to which is a resounding, “Yes!”

Social media in general has been quickly catching on as the next way for industrial suppliers to get in front of potential customers. The 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report shows that in the past year, 73% of purchasers looked to social media to learn more about who and what they’re vetting — and 53% connected with potential vendors.


The major players are already active on social media — and they’re reaping the benefits. Still skeptical about who’s really using social media? We’ve rounded up some industrial powerhouses to show you how it’s done. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the attention of decision makers at these top companies?

Aerospace Manufacturing: Lockheed Martin

Warehouse and Facilities: Grainger

Agricultural Equipment: John Deere

Mining and Construction: Caterpillar Inc.

Automotive Technologies: Delphi Automotive

Food and Beverage: Mondelez International

As you can see by the activity of these other companies, doing the bare minimum by setting up some profiles isn’t enough — it’s how you use your social media channels that makes all the difference.

In addition to networking with prospects and dream customers, your goal should be to serve as a helpful resource to people who need more information about a product or service. (Just so you know, 76% of B2B buyers rank thought leadership content as an important factor when conducting research online, according the buyer’s survey.)

So it’s important to regularly produce informative content that gets published on your website and blog and then use social media to further the reach of your content — this is all part of a successful marketing strategy.

In our collection of free marketing resources for manufacturing and industrial companies, we have plenty of e-books on growing your business, inbound marketing and social media. But if you’re ready to get the ball rolling on getting in front your potential customers right away, contact our team today.

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