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manufacturing certifications
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How Manufacturing Quality Certifications Help Win Business

For manufacturing companies, attaining and maintaining quality certifications can take a lot of time and effort, but it's important to have these qualifications for a number of reasons—including winning new business.

Whether it's a well-known standard like ISO or ANSI or a more niche accreditation like QS 9000 or IRIS, quality certifications let buyers know that you can meet their specific standards.

This can be a powerful sales and marketing tool because most buyers specifically search out suppliers with these acronyms attached to their names, and if you have them, it's an immediate sign of trust over one of your competitors without them.

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become a top manufacturing supplier
Business Tips

How To Become A Top Manufacturing Supplier (7 Tips)

Most of us know that supplying a quality product or service on time and at a fair price is critical to achieving customer satisfaction.

But what if you're not the only one that can do this for your customer?

Competition is more fierce than ever — with getting new business and maintaining current relationships — so we want to help you become your customer's first choice for their next order and rank as a top supplier.

Read below for our tips on how to become a top manufacturing supplier.

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How to sell industrial products online
Business Tips

How To Sell Industrial Products Online In A B2C World

The online product sourcing landscape has changed.

B2B consumers are no longer satisfied with data buried in poorly organized catalogs and PDFs. Instead, like their B2C online experience, consumers expect a dynamic, user-friendly experience filled with compelling data.

This movement drives companies to invest in digitized catalogs and create a complete digital customer experience for online prospects, and if you're not on top of it, you're already behind.

Now's the time for B2B businesses, manufacturers, and industrial companies to shift their current online strategies and elevate their existing lead generation efforts to sell their industrial products effectively online. Need help doing so? We'll break it down for you in this post.

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plastic bottles factory
Business Tips

Green Manufacturing: The Business Benefits Of Sustainability

By 2050, the U.S. Energy Administration estimates the manufacturing process will see a 26% increase in emissions, but other high-producing sectors will decrease or remain at their current output. 

It's a shocking figure given that more major players are driving toward a sustainability goal — like McDonald's, who plans to have 100% of their guest packaging come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025 —but we need to continue seeing this trend moving through supply chain.

If anything, this figure and what's needed for our future presents the opportunity to produce new product options, tap into new markets, and modernize your business.

Let's unpack this together, shall we?

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How a big company chooses new vendors and suppliers

How To Become A Supplier For Big Companies

Becoming an approved supplier for a large global company can change your business dramatically, but landing a big customer takes far more than a hello and a handshake.

If you want your company get selected in the buying process, we have insights and tips to share — below, we'll talk about how big companies choose new suppliers, along with what manufacturers and industrial companies can do to increase their chances of earning new business from them. 

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Manufacturing Quality Control
Business Tips

6 Tips For Improving Quality Control On Your Shop Floor

It doesn't matter how smoothly you operate or what exciting policies you have in place in your operation — there's always room for improvement!

Whether you need to overhaul your quality control program, double check your existing standards, or are just interested in how others are handling theirs, now's the time to do a little spring cleaning and review your quality control.

And we're here to help — in this post, we'll talk through six ways to improve the quality control on your shop floor.

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steel and metal manufacturing - how to promote your steel business
Manufacturing and Industrial

How To Grow Your Steel And Metals Manufacturing Business

Steel continues to be one of the most sourced products on the platform. It is no surprise that steel and metals represent an important supply source to today's aerospace, aviation, and medical industries.

So how can steel and metal manufacturing businesses continue the momentum of their business growth? First, make sure you have a clear business plan. Some manufacturers try to grow their manufacturing business by doing everything possible. In this post, we'll help you choose business goals that are realistic and how you can document them so you can see your milestones and track your growth along the way. Doing so will ensure you're not as overwhelmed and your employees stay motivated too.

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B2B customer appreciation tips for manufacturers
Business Tips

Giving Thanks: B2B Customer Appreciation Tips For Manufacturers

You already know that your customers mean everything to your manufacturing business. However, it's important to let those customers know it every once in a while, too. Most companies likely spend a lot of time, money, and energy bringing in new clients, but very few companies expend anywhere near that much to retain the customers they already have. In fact, just 43% percent of B2B firms consider customer satisfaction a key goal. Studies show that organizations that focus on optimizing their customer engagement outperform their competitors by 26%.

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