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Digitizing Our Buildings & Facilities: How To Create Intelligent Environments

Businesses are transitioning to LED lighting in the 5.6 million commercial buildings in the United States. And, in many regions, the addition of solar solutions for energy independence is also underway.

The number of lighting fixtures that can be connected inside and around these buildings creates significant opportunities to impact and optimize the business occupying the space with the addition of sensors and data analytics.

While the immediate goal of LED retrofits is often energy efficiency and improved space appearance, there are long-term business productivity gains that result from creating connected intelligent environments.

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How Industry 4.0 Can Help Your Business

Industry 4.0 is becoming more important to the state of the manufacturing industry, but many people aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunity. Although 85% of businesses see the potential of Industry 4.0, only 15% have dedicated strategies in place.

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What's The Right Speed For Adopting New Digital Manufacturing Technology?

The Digital Industrial Revolution is upon us, with new technologies and trends emerging every day. Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation can be difficult for some companies. Fortunately, a new study reveals that taking a staged and approach to adoption will prove successful.  

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Making Smart Factories A Reality For Manufacturers

Smart factories are predicted to change the manufacturing industry in profound ways by leveraging technology and the ability to receive and react to data in real time. However, not all factories are equipped to take advantage of these smart capabilities, and adoption can be a tremendous challenge for some companies. 

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