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Shawn Fitzgerald

Shawn Fitzgerald is Vice President of Marketing at Thomas. He is responsible for leading all marketing efforts for the Thomas family of companies, including, Thomas Marketing and Thomas Enterprise.

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How to Successfully Grow Your Industrial Business

Periodically, we hear from you regarding industry-related issues, and we strive to answer your questions based on our decades of experience and exhaustive understanding of the manufacturing space.

Lately, your questions have centered around business growth and how you can achieve it.

We’re eager to share some good news: there’s more than one way, and sometimes it happens as an unintended result of excelling at what you already do. 

In other words, keep being a rock star, and you might achieve business growth through that alone.

There’s one particular success story that comes to mind, and will hopefully provide you with some additional context on what I just mentioned.

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75% of Marketers Agree: Inbound Marketing is the Strategy of Choice

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that we’re big fans of inbound marketing. You’ve probably also noticed that we typically post content on Fridays to coincide with our Industrial Marketer newsletter. Today is Tuesday. Why are we messing with the flow?

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Who’s Really Influencing the Industrial Buying Process?

If there’s one thing we can all relate to, it’s the drive to succeed in business. It’s behind everything we do at work, and it’s the reason we spend so much time trying to perfect our marketing efforts. But if you don’t really know who you’re marketing to, you might as well just stand on the roof and shout into a megaphone. Sure, people will hear you, but will they be the right people? Probably not.

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Targeting More Leads From The Defense Industry: 4 Common Concerns in the DoD Supply Chain

If you are targeting more business from the defense industry, then you are most likely very familiar with requirements for ISO certifications, ITAR, and First Article Inspection (FAI). After all, you must comply with these to even be considered as a supplier. Today, I wanted to go a bit deeper to discuss 4 common concerns that DoD project focused program managers and buyers have when sourcing a new supplier.

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4 Tips For Your Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

So, how confused are you over Mobilegeddon?
You know, those pesky changes Google is rolling out on April 21 that will alter search results on smartphones and tablets… And if you’ve been keeping up with the blogs and news stories, you’re likely overwhelmed with advice about responsive design and making your site mobile friendly. But do you know what this algorithm change will really bring?

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How Do I Get More Leads For My Sales Team?

The sales team needs more new leads. There’s no way around it. They’ve exhausted their existing relationships, and the lists you’ve bought for cold calling aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. The magazine ads aren’t working, and the tradeshow traffic has dried up. You’re really trying to get the website going, but you’ve hit a wall. You’re converting about 1-3% of your existing website traffic to leads, but this isn’t enough to keep the team busy and revenue growing. Sound familiar?

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I Need More Traffic Quickly! Two Tactics to Defend Your Business From “Mobilegeddon”

By this time you’ve reviewed your website to see if your business will be impacted by Google’s “Mobilegeddon” and if you haven’t, stop everything and read this.

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How to Fix Your Mobile Issues Before Google's Next Update

You know that nudge I gave you last month about fixing the mobile issues with your website ASAP? Well, if you haven’t already taken my advice, it’s better now than never — because Google officially announced April 21 as mobile Armageddon.

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Content is King: SEO for Manufacturing Companies

“I have a page for that but I’m not No. 1 on Google. Why?” “Wait, where do I need links from?” "Social media helps, right?" "I offer that product — why am I not ranking higher?"

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.