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Content is King: SEO for Manufacturing Companies

“I have a page for that but I’m not No. 1 on Google. Why?” “Wait, where do I need links from?” "Social media helps, right?" "I offer that product — why am I not ranking higher?"

These are all very common questions I hear when working with companies on their SEO strategy. And while we've chatted before on this blog about staying ahead of Google's updates and the best practices for industrial SEO, I can't help but want to emphasize the most important piece of your website: content.

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This Next Algorithm Change Will Impact Your Revenue

Did you recently get a message from Google Webmaster Tools recently about your website?  

It means that unless you fix your site you will most likely wake up one day and find it removed from mobile search results on Google. I work with many industrial service and manufacturing companies that garner as much as 30% of their overall traffic from mobile. Losing this traffic can have very real implications to your sales team and your bottom line. 

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Paid Advertising

The $4.5 Million Question: Why Do Super Bowl Advertisers Spend So Much?

It’s Super Bowl week, and if you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited for the big game! I’ve already taken a buyer’s-side look at the supply chain for those necessities that the fans at your Super Bowl party can’t do without, from corn chips to foam fingers. As a supplier, there’s plenty of Sunday action for you, too — and not just on the field. Let’s take a look at what those big-deal Super Bowl ads have to offer any sized company trying to grow their business. 

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Who’s Really Supplying Your Super Bowl Tailgate Party?

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, amped up fans are actively searching for products that will make their tailgate parties worthy of the occasion.

As any fan can tell you, the whole experience comprises a lot more than chips and dip — though that’s a good place to start.

Here, I’ve gathered some of the top items for your tailgate list, along with some fun facts about each.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

What's the real impact of low oil prices?

Admit it.  Last time you went to the gas station and filled up the car you were pretty happy.  Maybe you even gave your friend riding shotgun a little high five? Of course you did!

We are currently enjoying the lowest gas prices since 2009, with trends pointing toward an average price of gas for the US below $2/gallon. That long drive to visit the family is looking more affordable every day. Pretty cool, right?

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Business Tips

Seven Steps to Achieving Smart Growth

Growing your business means different things to different people, and it’s all about your goals. You may just be looking to increase orders to reach maximum capacity for your equipment on hand, or you may have a five-year plan to double your business and expand your facility. Whatever your growth goals are, the key to success is to “grow smart.” Here are seven simple ways to do that.

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Email Marketing

7 Ways to Show Email Marketing More Respect

Poor email marketing. It’s the most direct way to communicate with your online prospects, but it never gets the respect it deserves — overshadowed by buzzier platforms and undercut by spam abusers. That’s a shame, because in a landscape of ever-changing ways to reach your customers, email provides one of the only consistent links. A prospect may shut down their Facebook profile or grow tired of Twitter, but it’s unlikely that they’ll abandon their inbox.

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