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Marketing Strategy

Industrial Advertising 101 (With Examples!)

Today, technology and digital platforms make it easy to target the exact audiences you’re after, even if you have a limited budget, which is why a well-planned, dynamic advertising strategy can make the difference between growth to your bottom line and stagnation for your company.

Industrial advertising targets businesses that seek products or services related to the manufacturing industry.

In this post, we'll talk more about this and why it's important for manufacturers invest in it to increase their revenue.

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Business Tips

Green Manufacturing: The Business Benefits Of Sustainability

By 2050, the U.S. Energy Administration estimates the manufacturing process will see a 26% increase in emissions, but other high-producing sectors will decrease or remain at their current output. 

It's a shocking figure given that more major players are driving toward a sustainability goal — like McDonald's, who plans to have 100% of their guest packaging come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025 —but we need to continue seeing this trend moving through supply chain.

If anything, this figure and what's needed for our future presents the opportunity to produce new product options, tap into new markets, and modernize your business.

Let's unpack this together, shall we?

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manufacturing lead generation
Lead Generation

Lead Generation For Manufacturers: 33 Industrial Tips, Tricks, And Ideas

Generating leads is one of the most important aspects of marketing — and frankly, growing your business.

With so many moving parts involved in lead generation, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the digital marketing tactics that should be working together.

That’s where this blog post comes in — we'll cover the most popular and effective techniques utilized by industrial marketers today to increase leads and generate revenue online. 

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Marketing goal vs marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Goals vs. Marketing Strategy: What's The Difference

Getting digital marketing right isn’t always easy — especially if that marketing is aimed at the manufacturing and industrial sector, which often involves high-volume, high-cost transactions and very long purchase cycles.

The decision-making process in this field is inherently slow, and oftentimes industrial marketers struggle to connect with their audience in a way that moves them through the buying cycle while providing them with directly useful, engaging content.

Setting marketing benchmarks is the only way you’ll be able to achieve scalable growth throughout the next few months and beyond — it’s never too early to start planning your business goals for next quarter or even next month.

To help you plan, we've outlined the difference between marketing goals and a marketing strategy so you can improve yours and connect with higher-quality prospects.

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Manufacturing buyer persona - Procurement manager working on computer
Marketing Strategy

What Are The B2B Buyer Personas In The Manufacturing Industry?

In today’s increasingly digital world, there are numerous ways for manufacturing companies to reach potential buyers — email blasts, eBooks, blog posts, social media, and even SMS texts can all be used to connect with target audiences and increase brand awareness.

Inbound marketing aims to entice your target customers to come to you on their own by providing valuable content that will help them reach their goals. But before embarking on any of these efforts, it’s crucial to fully understand the types of buyers you’re looking to target.

So how do you go about creating the content that will attract the customers you want? Well, that depends on the customers themselves.

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How a big company chooses new vendors and suppliers

How To Become A Supplier For Big Companies

Becoming an approved supplier for a large global company can change your business dramatically, but landing a big customer takes far more than a hello and a handshake.

If you want your company get selected in the buying process, we have insights and tips to share — below, we'll talk about how big companies choose new suppliers, along with what manufacturers and industrial companies can do to increase their chances of earning new business from them. 

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Manufacturing Quality Control
Business Tips

6 Tips For Improving Quality Control On Your Shop Floor

It doesn't matter how smoothly you operate or what exciting policies you have in place in your operation — there's always room for improvement!

Whether you need to overhaul your quality control program, double check your existing standards, or are just interested in how others are handling theirs, now's the time to do a little spring cleaning and review your quality control.

And we're here to help — in this post, we'll talk through six ways to improve the quality control on your shop floor.

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Website Design

11 Best Industrial Website Design Examples

A great website can be one of your best marketing tools helping to attract prospects, establish trust, capture leads, and ultimately win new business.

Buyers want to learn about your company, products, and services even before they reach out, which is why it's important to have an up-to-date place that has all of your information readily available. (Additionally, according to a recent industrial survey, website usage increased significantly year over year by manufacturers and industrial companies connecting with more buyers and customers!)

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how to market a manufacturing company - marketing strategy for manufacturing company
Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Guide To A Manufacturing Marketing Strategy in 2022

Marketing isn't a new practice.

It has actually — if you can believe it — been around for centuries.

And while many manufacturing and industrial companies are successfully implementing aspects of marketing such as email campaigns, social media engagement, and a modern website, there's always room for improvement (or to get started if you haven't already).

A well executed strategy will have a place in each area of business, especially pricing, product, and sales, so it's important to do it right if you want to:

  • Get more customers
  • Acquire more high-quality leads
  • Increase revenue
  • Expand your business into new markets

Sound like a plan? Great!

In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about starting and/or optimizing a strategy of your own — and we'll include additional marketing resources for deeper dives along the way.

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