How to Make the Best First Impression in B2B Industrial Sales

We all know that first impressions matter — B2B sales are no exception.

Having sales personnel that are well groomed, well-spoken and well prepared for meetings with buyers is one way to help ensure a good first impression. Another way requires understanding where many first impressions take place, and what buyers will be expecting when they meet you.

Be Where Buyers Are Looking for You

It's no secret that nearly all industrial buyers start their buying process on the Internet.

Thus, if you want to make certain your company makes a good first impression every time, you need to have a pervasive presence on the Internet. That means you need more than just a website; you must be present wherever buyers are looking for you on the Web. That could include distributing press releases for syndication in online magazines and journals, online display ads, listings in B2B search verticals, social media and more.

Offer Substance in Your Online Presence

Your online presence must communicate more than your company name and contact information. Buyers want to know as much about you as they can.

Surveys have shown that the purchasing decisions of industrial buyers are most heavily influenced by detailed technical information about the products/services they are sourcing. Your website should include part-level specifications, tolerances, capabilities, equipment lists, and more.

Even on B2B search verticals (, the more information you provide—MSDS and similar documents, product and company-related videos, social signals, etc.—the better the impression you will make.

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